Gears Of War 3 (Standard Edition)
    Gears Of War 3 (Standard Edition) (Games, Xbox 360)

    Gears Of War 3 (Standard Edition)  (Games, Xbox 360)

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    Its humanity’s last stand against the evil locusts and the threat is even more advanced now with the rise of Lambent. The Delta Squad is in disarray, but that is the least of your problems. You as Marcus Fenix must now put together your team and take-on the Locust Horde. In Gears of War 3 you are not only fighting for a win, but for your very survival. Gears of War 3 is the 3rd sequel and the final game in the epic Gears of War series.

    Targeted towards hard-core gamers, Gears of War 3 promises plenty of new action and intense moments in the game. The third-person shooter game is exclusively available for the Xbox-360 and has a Mature rating from ESRB.

    Synopsis and Features

    Things have gone bad for Humans on the planet of Sera. What you thought would stop the Locust horde has just become worse. Locusts are now infected with the precious Imulsion fuel and are known as Lambent: a vicious, ruthless killing machine. The COG has ordered everyone to relocate to Vectes, a secluded island, to rebuild the empire. Marcus Fenix and Delta Squad must now fight both the Locust and the Lambent to feel safe again.

    Developed by Epic Games and published by Microsoft Studios, Gears of War 3 weaves in an emotional story that joins all the unconnected dots from the previous 2 games. The single-player campaign starts with a bang that is bound to surprise you. The game follows the same rules as the previous 2, where you have to complete a set of missions to move forward.

    The elements changed in the game are aplenty. Starting from the beautiful visuals, lighting to the smoke effects, each environment in the story builds the perfect war atmosphere. Each location holds a special place as they have meaningful connections to the story, getting you more involved into the narrative. The five-act story will take you on simple missions such as scrounging for supplies to brutally eliminating the Locust with your trusted chainsaw gun.

    The new additions to the game include playable characters Sam, Jace and many more. The guns in the game have been enhanced to insane levels. These include the new Digger: a gun that allows you to shoot grenades underground, Vulcan: a huge and incredibly powerful minigun that can only be moved with the help of 2 people and Silverback: a power loader that is surrounded with chainguns, stolen exclusively from the aliens.

    The movable vehicles now include the squat exoskeletons. These are basically huge robotic versions of you that can be used for lifting heavy items or destroying doors. The game features two-player split-screen, allowing you to play the campaign along with your buddy. The game also features 4 player co-op, allowing you to run through the campaign much faster.

    Just like the previous game here too you have a set of collectibles to gather that unlock achievements. These are hidden in plain sight, making it that much tougher to find them. There are other unlockables too, like heavy guns and special character skins. These can be unlocked by completing special missions within the game.

    Online Features

    A game is never complete without a satisfying multiplayer and Gears of War 3 delivers more than what you expect. Starting with the basic gameplay modes such as Team Deathmatch and King of the Hill, Gears of war 3 offers many new modes to keep you entertained for hours. The new modes in the game include the advanced version of Horde that allows up-to 5 players to fight against wave after wave of Locust. Successfully eliminating each wave will earn you cash that you can use to fortify your defences.

    Beast Mode puts you into the shoes of the Locust themselves. You can take on any role from the Ticker to the enormous Berserker. The gameplay is intense as you can dole out insane amount of pain against your human counterparts and enjoy every bit of it. The other modes in the game include Warzone, Execution and Capture the Flag.

    Movement remains key in Gears of War 3. You have to be as precise in movement as you are with your shooting to score maximum points. The game now allows you resurrect yourself if you are downed in multiplayer, provided you have enough time.

    The DLCs for the game include Horde Command Pack, Versus Booster Map Pack, RAAM's Shadow, Fenix Rising and the latest, Forces of Nature. You can download the DLCs, trailers, demos and other updates from the Xbox Marketplace.

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    • Title
      • Gears Of War 3 (Standard Edition)
    • Series
      • Gears Of War
    • Category
      • Games
    • Platform
      • Xbox 360
    • Publisher
      • Microsoft Studios
    • Video Encoding
      • PAL
    • Mode
      • Single-Player, Multi-Player
    • Genre
      • Third-Person Shooter
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