George Foreman 13621 Grill

    George Foreman 13621 Grill

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    • Grill Sandwich Maker

      The George Foreman Fat Reducing Health Grills have become famous the world over for delivering great tasting meals that is convenient and healthy. The George Foreman grill helps you cut down on your fat intake while allowing you to eat your favourite meals.

      The George Foreman 13621 Sandwich Maker lets you make tasty sandwiches with a variety of fillings and also allows you to grill meat or vegetables when you feel the need for some healthy food. The George Foreman 13621 is a sandwich maker that is suitable for bachelors, small families or couples as it can grill 3 portions of food at a time. The non-stick plates of the George Foreman 13621 Sandwich Maker allow the food to grill properly without fear of it sticking to the grill plates.

      The extended handle helps keep your hands away from the hot plates when opening this sandwich maker so that you don’t injured accidentally. The George Foreman 13621 Sandwich Maker has a power consumption of 1100 W to 1300 W.


      The George Foreman 13621 Sandwich Maker can be opened up to reveal the grilling surface which has a surface area of 310 centimetre square. This sandwich maker has dimensions of 218 x 282 x 238 mm and can be set in different modes to accommodate different cooking preferences. Besides the normal grilling mode, the grill top can be locked open to allow you to melt cheese on toast, garlic bread, tuna melts and pizzas.

      This George Foreman grill cooks the food from the top and the bottom at the same time thereby making sure that it is evenly grilled and cooked faster. The George Foreman 13621 Sandwich Maker has a sloped grill design that allows the fat that drips off the meat being grilled to drain into a separate drip tray that can be emptied after cooking. This helps reduce the fat content of the food and you still get to eat your favourite food, only this time it’s healthier.

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      • Brand
        • George Foreman
      • Model ID
        • 13621
      • Cooking Plate
        • Non-stick
      • Functions
        • Grilling
      • Display Functions
        • Grilling, Melting
      Additional Features
        • Cooks 3 Portions, Fat Grill Channels, Grill and Melt Mode, Contact and Elevated Grill, Extended Handle
        • 1 Year George Foreman India Warranty and Free Transit Insurance.
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