God Of War II

    God Of War II  (for PS2)

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    • Platform: PS2
    • Genre: Action-Adventure
    • Edition: Standard Edition
    • Game Modes: Single-Player
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    God of War II is the critically acclaimed sequel to the God of War video game and the second installment in the series. Gamers who enjoy hack and slash games where the objective is to destroy all who oppose them, will love this game. This exciting game is based on Greek Mythology and is set in Ancient Greece. The gameplay for this game is similar to God of War which focused on combo-based combat movements to attack your enemies.

    God of War II is a single player action-adventure game that is played from a third person fixed camera point of view. The game also includes elements of fantasy, mystery and thriller making it a game that keeps surprising you. This game was developed exclusively for the PlayStation 2 by Santa Monica Studio and published by Sony Computer Entertainment. This game has a Pegi rating of 18, while ESRB has rated it M 17+ as it may contain intense violence, blood and gore, sexual content and use of strong language.

    Synopsis and Features

    Kratos, a powerful Spartan warrior and the new God of War, earned the title after defeating Ares, the original Greek God of War. Zeus, the King of the Mount Olympus, betrays Kratos by draining his godly powers and killing him. As Kratos is slowly dragged to hell, he is rescued by the Titan Gaia, who helps him escape his hell. She informs him that if he can find the Sisters of Fate, he can travel back in time and avenge his betrayal by taking revenge on Zeus. She also reveals to him that Zeus betrayed the Titans and took his father’s place as revenge for the cruelty inflicted by his father on his siblings. He also finds out that Gaia and other Titans like her, want revenge on Zeus to avenge the loss in the Great War.

    Thus set on a path of destruction, Kratos has to travel to different places like the Underworld, the Lair of Typhon, the ancient City of Rhodes, the Island of Creation, Tartarus and Mount Olympus. Vanquishing enemies with the fabled Blades of Athena, Kratos makes his way through many a foe and as the game progresses he finds other weapons like the Barbarian Hammer, the Spear of Destiny and the Blade of Olympus. As Kratos, you will have to solve puzzles, climb walls, swing on ropes and balance across beams to proceed. Athena’s Blades are attached to chains that are wrapped around Kratos’ hands. Kratos also has to find other relics like the Golden Fleece and Icarus’ Wings to proceed in the game. Kratos also gets a special ability known as the Rage of the Titans which makes him temporarily invulnerable.

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    • Title Name
      • God Of War II
    • Platform
      • PS2
    • Edition
      • Standard Edition
    • Type
      • Full Game
    • Series
      • God of War
    • Genre
      • Action-Adventure
    • Video Encoding
      • PAL
    • Game Modes
      • Single-Player
    • Publisher
      • Sony Computer Entertainment
    • PEGI
      • 18
    28 Reviews
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