Gold Jewellery

    Gold jewellery is something that you can adorn yourself with when you want to sport the regal look. Choose from and buy classy gold earrings, rings, necklace, bangles and more. Take your pick from the wide variety of gold jewellery designs made by the best brands like Malabar gold, Nakshatra, Bluestone, Joyalukkas and the like on Flipkart. Buy your favorite gold jewellery online at the best prices and look stunning in beautiful designs.

    Buy Gold Jewellery Online on Great Deals and Discounts

    A woman’s wardrobe has two essentials assets: lovely attires and matching accessories including jewellery. And when it comes to jewellery, gold earrings, gold necklaces, chains, and rings stand out and usually, loved by most ladies. Gold jewellery is precious, classy and has a lively charm that complements ethnic as well as western attires. In fact, gold and gold jewellery also has cultural significance in many parts of India. Gold jewellery is an essential in many weddings, religious occasions, and other important ceremonies in one’s life. During dhanteras gold is bought, during weddings gold is exchanged and gifted in many cultures, and gold is also donated as part of religious traditions. In short, the importance of gold and gold jewellery in India is immense. Many people also consider gold jewellery as a good investment and a perfect gift for their loved ones. You can gift a gold ring to your beloved, gold earring to your sister, and gold bangles to your mother to show your love. There are also gold cufflinks that you can gift to your man. All these gold jewellery and more are available online on offers, deals, and discounts. There are many reliable brands, such as Malabar Gold & Diamonds, Nakshatra, BlueStone, Asmi, and Gili among others selling beautiful gold jewellery online. If you are planning to buy gold jewellery online then here are a few helpful tips: 

    Type and Purity of Gold Used for Making Jewellery

    While buying gold jewellery, it is important to consider the type and quality of gold used for making a gold necklace, chain, ring, or earrings. There are three types of gold: yellow gold, rose gold, and white gold. The color of the gold jewellery depends on the kind of gold used for making that piece of jewellery. Yellow gold has a classic appeal, whereas rose gold and white gold are gaining rapid popularity among many. The yellow gold jewellery complements ethnic look and dresses, and rose gold, as well as, white gold goes well with daily wear and western look. When it comes to purity, you can choose from 9 karat, 10 karat, 14 karat, 18 karat, 21 karat, and 22 karat gold. The karat of gold determines its shine, value, and whether they are suitable for daily wear or not. The 24 karat gold is the highest quality gold that cost you the most, however, it is also more likely to bend and so not suitable for daily wear. While buying gold jewellery, these two factors are crucial. So, whether you want to buy gold earrings or gold rings or gold necklaces or gold chain, do consider the type and purity of the gold used for making them.

    Different Designs and Styles of Gold Jewellery

    Gold jewellery is available in many styles and designs to suit men, women, kids, and babies. From gold pendants to gold chains and gold studs, you can find something online that meets your requirements. If you have your own kids or niece or nephew, then you can gift them gold jewellery as a birthday present. Available in different sizes and multiple designs, e-stores allow you to check out as many varieties as you want. 

    Precious and Semi-precious Gemstone-studded Gold Jewellery

    Gold looks stunning with precious and semi-precious gemstones, like diamond, pearl, amethyst, ruby, and emerald among others. Especially, gold earrings and gold rings look divine with a sparkling gemstone. You can buy single gemstone-studded gold jewellery or multiple gemstone-studded gold jewellery. You can either a choose gemstone of a single type or more than one type of gemstone-studded jewellery that looks elegant and stylish. To sum it up, you get a wide range of choice when it comes to trendy, timeless, and textured gold jewellery. 

    Advantages of Buying Gold Jewellery Online

    Popular jewellery brands, like Joyalukkas, TBZ - The Original, Sangini, and KuberBox are offering their collections online. You can check out as many designs, styles, and gold products as you want, read reviews by other buyers, check the certification of purity before taking a decision. Apart from the discounts and deals, you can also avail bank offer, special price, and no cost EMIs. Online shopping also lets you pay for your product using multiple options, including net banking, credit or debit card, and UPI payments, etc. There is also the cash-on-delivery option for a hassle-free shopping experience. If the product is not up to your expectations, the e-stores let your either return it or use the replacement option. In short, online shopping sites simplify the process of buying an expensive product like gold jewellery. 

    Gold jewellery- FAQ

    1. How can the carat (karat) system for gold jewellery be explained?

    The karat system is something used to describe purity of gold. We usually use gold of different karat systems like 24k, 22k and 18k. It basically describes the portion of gold present in the jewel piece. 24K gold is pure gold which has a fineness of 1000. Whereas, 22k gold has 22 parts gold and 2 parts other metal like copper and silver. 22k gold has a fineness of 916.66.

    2. What is the difference between yellow gold, white gold and rose gold?

    Pure gold is called yellow gold as it is yellow in colour. As for the other types of gold, the mixing of gold with other metals changes its colour and hence they derive different names like white gold and rose gold. In white gold, gold is mixed with at least one metal like nickel, manganese or palladium. Rose gold is made by mixing gold with appropriate amounts of silver and copper.

    3. How can I calculate the resale value of my gold jewellery?

    In order to calculate the resale value of, say your gold engagement ring with diamonds encrusted on it, you must calculate the following values:

    1. Determine the weight of gemstones in your ring

    2. Determine the amount of gold in your jewellery.

    3. Subtract the weight of the diamond from that of the gold in the ring.

    4. Find the current price of gold/gram

    5.Multiply the weight of gold in the ring by the gold price per gram.

    6. These steps will give you the resale value of the ring and you should receive at least 60% of this value.

    4. What are the signs I should check to ensure the quality of gold I am buying?

    Look for the following 5 signs while buying gold:

    1. BIS hallmark sign

    2. Purity grade- like 916.66 for 22k gold.

    3. Check for the logo of the hallmarking centre.

    4. Year of hallmarking, which is designated by a letter, for example: letter ‘A’ Donates Year 2000, ‘J’ for 2008, ‘N’ for 2010 and so on.

    5. Look for the jeweller's identification mark.

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