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Gold jewellery, as far as us Indians are concerned, is considered not only as something that imparts beauty to the wearer, but also as a great form of investment. You can find a plethora of interesting gold jewellery designs on Flipkart in various price ranges falling around Rs 1,000 and going up to Rs 2,00,000. The best brands in the market like Blue stone, Malabar Gold & Diamonds, Joyalukkas, P.N.Gadgil Jewellers and others have a deluge of their stunning pieces of gold jewellery on this platform, which you can buy at great discounts. Gold earrings, rings, bangles, necklaces, chains and many more gold ornaments in different grades of purity like 22k, 24k, 18k, etc., and with different precious gemstones and pearls embedded on them are available here for you to choose from. Whether it’s for a brunch, a corporate meet or a cocktail party, our designs cater to all occasions and budgets out there. Filter within shape, theme, occasion, material, purity, discount, customer reviews, gemstones and discounts for customized results in a flash!  The gold rate for 21 Jan, 2019 in India is Rs.31,750 per 10 grams for 22 karat gold and Rs 33,957 per 10 grams for 24 karat gold.

Buy Gold Jewellery Online Collections

We all know it - Indians are obsessed with gold. And, purchasing gold for us is mainly in the form of gold jewellery . Many finance experts believe that purchasing gold jewellery is a wise decision. It not only serves as a great fashion accessory but it also makes for a great source of investment. Whether it is weddings, Diwali or any other auspicious occasion, gold has always been an integral part of it. Gold Jewellery looks classy and it is a hot favourite among Indian women owing to their charm and elegant appeal. Earrings, pendants , rings , bangles , necklaces or chains - online shopping sites have it all. Complete your ethnic wardrobe with these fun accessories and be a fashion icon, wherever you go. When it comes to brands, checkout the trendy collection from IskiUski, Samaira, Malabar Gold and Diamonds, P C Chandra Jewellers, P.N Gadgil Jewellers and Karatcraft to get the best value for your money. Let us now have a look at some of the important aspects you should consider while buying gold jewellery for women:

Hallmarking and Karat are Important

Buying gold jewellery requires heavy investment. You don’t buy gold every other day, so it is always wise to do research beforehand before investing a large amount. One of the ways to ensure the quality of gold is by checking the hallmark and karat. A hallmarking agency basically evaluates the gold jewellery and it verifies whether it conforms to the national and international standards of purity. Karat is an indication of the purity of the metal (gold). 24-karat gold jewellery is considered to be pure and of high quality. For instance, if a gold coin is 18 karat, that means the coin is 18 parts gold and six parts any other metal. Since, pure gold is too soft, other metals are mixed to lend some strength to the jewellery. Fundamentally, the higher the karat value, the higher is value of the gold. 

Gold Earrings

Even the ladies who like to keep their look minimal would agree that earrings is an absolute essential in their accessory wardrobe. Simple, elegant and dazzling, a trendy pair of earrings can work magic for almost any outfit. Be it ethnic clothes or western clothes, earrings go with everything. Let us have look at some of the popular types of earrings that you must own:


When it comes to traditional wear, jhumkas have been the ultimate statement-making accessory since decades. Kurtis, lehengas or sarees - jhumkas blend with everything and enhance your overall look. You can find a wide variety of styles including latkans, the silver engraved ones or the multi-colored drop ones - they all look gorgeous. 

Chandelier Earrings

These cascading shoulder dusters start from one small stud and become broader towards the end, similar to the shape of a chandelier. Chandelier earrings have the potential to add oodles of charm to any ensemble. These earrings are more suited to special occasions. When you want to add some glamour to your simple outfit, these earrings can come to your rescue.


Simple, elegant and basic, hoops can add a dash of glamour and sophistication to your outfits. There are days when you just can’t make up mind about to wear, on those days just stick to your favourite pair of hoops. These versatile accessories are sure to transform you into a style icon. The plain ones or the ones with pearls and detailing, you will all sorts of variety on online shopping sites. 


If you’re someone who likes to keep things simple and minimal, then studs are your go-to option. In fact, since our childhood days, the first memory of pairing a earrings is usually of a stud. Light, basic and simple, studs add a feminine charm to your personality while keeping it simple. You can find myriads designs of studs online - from the elegant floral studs to the basic pearl ones. 

Kaan Chains

Are you planning to shop for some family wedding? If that’s the case, the kaan chains are perfect for you. Wondering what are kaan chains? Well, you might not be familiar with this particular nomenclature but remember those earrings that your mom used to wear that would get hooked or pinned to her hair? Yes, those are kann chains. Perfect for the dressy evenings and grand occasions, these earrings can completely transform you into a desi diva. 

Apart from the above mentioned types, you can also look for dangle earrings, drop earrings, ear cuffs, bajoran earrings, cluster earrings or straight barbells. Other than earrings, you can also choose from other fun accessories, such as bangles, chains, rings and more. 

Gold Rings

Are you planning to gift something special to your lady love on her birthday? Surprise her with an elegant gold ring. If you like things minimalistic, you can go for simple bands. If you like some drama, you can consider gold rings with diamonds studded on them. These sparkling, shiny stones look regal and they will help you stand apart from the crowd.

Gold Necklaces

Spice up things with some dazzling gold necklaces and chains. Necklaces have this unique ability to add personality to any outfit you choose to wear. If you want to buy something to wear to work, you can go for the simple, delicate-looking gold chains. For semi-formal occasions, you can opt for simple chains with statement-making pendants. If you’re planning to select something for parties and other special occasions, then a heavy gold necklace set can do the trick for you.

Gold Bangles 

Be it weddings or any other traditional event, an Indian woman’s look is incomplete without a pair of bangles. Regarded as a symbol of happiness and prosperity, bangles can add a touch of sumptuousness to your overall look. If you want to add that western touch to your look, you can also go for trendy gold bracelets. Simple gold bangles are something that remain unfazed with the changing trends - they will always remain classic. To ace the dressy look, you can go for gold bangles with precious stones studded on them.

Online Shopping Of Gold Jewellery

Bangles, rings, earrings - whatever you’re looking for, you can easily find on online shopping sites. Not sure of buying precious metals online? Put all your worries to rest. These sites feature reputed brands and they come with all the necessary certifications. You can browse through countless options and brands without having to step out of your home. Not just that, apart from women’s gold jewellery, you can also find gold jewellery for men on these sites. So, what are you waiting for? Just log on to your favourite shopping site and shop for gold jewellery online.

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