Gravity Rush
    Gravity Rush (Games, PS Vita)

    Gravity Rush  (Games, PS Vita)

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      Kat has no idea how she came into the city of Hekseville. Trying to recall the event that led her here is just giving her a headache. However, all is not bad. Kat has found something special within herself - a power to defy gravity. Using this power Kat can jump from the bottom of the ground to the ceiling above, fly across buildings and do many other things. Gravity Rush is a brand new adventure which gives its players the power to manipulate gravity as they deem fit. How will you use your power today?

      The game is targeted towards hard-core and casual gamers who like portable games. The open world action role-playing video game has many new features that will keep you entertained for hours. The game card is available for the PlayStation Vita gaming console and carries Teen rating from ESRB.

      Synopsis and Features

      Waking up in a new world, Kat has no idea how she came to be in it or what she has to do to get out of it. Beside her is a cat that is capable of giving Kat the power to manipulate gravity. Naming the cat Dusty, Kat has to now embark on an epic quest to save the residents of Hekseville and clear her name as an outcast. Gravity Rush introduces innovative gameplay elements that are fun to play, making it a must buy for PS Vita users. 

      Developed by SCE Japan Studio and published by Sony Computer Entertainment, Gravity Rush offers various levels in the game that are fun to explore. The single-player campaign in the game allows you to use the gravity defying mechanic to fly through air. The combat is especially entertaining in the game as you can create powerful thrusts to disarm your enemies. Movement within the game is smooth flowing as you can use the innovative controls of the PS Vita console to move your character flawlessly in the game.

      The enemies in the game are named Nevi and come in various types and forms. You can fight them by using airborne gravity kicks and punches. If large numbers of nevi start coming at you, you can eliminate them by using a special attack. Pressing a button at the right moment will trigger Kat’s spiralling claw, allowing you to annihilate the nevi like never before. You can learn new methods to control the claw and create better attack patterns to overcome your enemies, no matter how big they are.

      If you want to step aside from the main missions and indulge in side missions you can do it in Gravity Rush as it has several side quests. You can even move objects around by using a special move known as gravity strike. You can upgrade Kat’s abilities by collecting the pink gems spread across the game. Collecting them will help you to enhance her health, attacks and so on. There are several other challenges that are hidden across the city of Hekseville that can be unlocked by collecting additional pink gems.

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      • Title
        • Gravity Rush
      • Category
        • Games
      • Platform
        • PS Vita
      • Publisher
        • Sony Computer Entertainment
      • Mode
        • Single-Player
      • Genre
        • Action-Adventure
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