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There’s nothing better than the smell of warm, freshly-baked cookies wafting through the air on a lazy Sunday morning. You can eat these after dinner or for breakfast with milk. You can buy Britannia Good Day Cashew cookies, Parle Hide & Seek biscuits, Unibic Fruit & Nut cookies, Cadbury Bournvita cookies, Karachi bakery fruit biscuits, etc., from the comfort of your home.


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BRITANNIA Good Day Cashew Cookies
BRITANNIA Good Day Cashew Cookies
BRITANNIA Good Day Cashew Cookies
1000 g, Pack of 10
10x100 g
25% off
PARLE Platina
PARLE Platina
PARLE Platina
100 g
100 g
26% off
Dukes Nice
Dukes Nice
Dukes Nice
450 g, Pack of 3
3x150 g
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Cookies – Chai Time Fixtures, All-day Snacks

Even the most disciplined of us aren’t exempted from ‘strange’ hunger pangs. We use the word ‘strange’ here because this is the kind of feeling when your stomach isn’t really up for a full meal, but it’s nagging you for a snack or two, preferably heavy enough to make you feel full for a couple of hours. Times like this call for cookies. We understand that the word ‘cookies’ is thrown around rather loosely. So what are cookies, really? To clear things up once and for all, ‘cookies’ is an all-inclusive term for all sweet biscuits.

For those of us who grew up in a traditional Indian family, biscuits have been a common tea-time essential. Expected and unexpected guests would both be treated to their fair share of cookies as a ‘welcome’ gesture. Our weekdays were marked by us running home after school, where a cup of warm milk or tea awaited us. And you know that no tea-time break is complete without biscuits being dipped in these beverages.

We may be accustomed to associating biscuits with tea breaks, but this does not mean that the two are exclusive. Cookies make for great snacks too. The next time your stomach starts doing that thing where you feel the need to snack, munch on a few chocolate chip cookies/choco chip cookies or butter cookies. That’ll do the trick. These snacks are filling enough to satiate cravings, but not so filling that you’re completely put off lunch or dinner. Plus, it’s always easier to concentrate on work or pay close attention to your college assignment once you’ve satiated the hunger Gods.

Online Grocery Store – Your One-stop Shop for an Extensive Assortment of Cookies 

Sugar cookies, coconut cookies, Oreo cookies, oatmeal raisin cookies, almond cookies, peanut butter cookies, sugar cookies, or even special occasion Christmas cookies, online grocery stores offer a simple and quick way to indulge your cravings.

Can’t decide what it is you’re craving exactly? Tease your taste buds with the Unibic Assorted Cookies pack. This cookies set includes a packet each of Honey Oatmeal, Fruit and Nut, Cashew, Choco chip, Choco Nut, and Butter cookies. These vegetarian biscuits marry the wholesome goodness of ingredients such as wheat flour, edible vegetable oil, edible common salt, emulsifiers, and leavening agents. The nutritional value and benefits of these cookies are clearly spelled out on their packets.

Love chocolates? Snack on them at any time of the day. We bring you Parle Milano Chocolate Chip Cookies, Britannia Good Day Choco Chip Cookies, and Sunfeast Mom’s Magic Chocolate Chip Cookies which are dripping with the sweetness of chocolate. Caffeine lovers might want to add the Parle Hide & Seek Cafe Mocha and the Sunfeast Dark Fantasy Coffee Fills to your shopping cart.

Fruits can be consumed in many ways - fresh, or dried in the form of tasty Karachi Bakery Fruit Biscuits. These cookies are made of completely natural ingredients and are free from preservatives or artificial flavours. If you love fruits in your cookies, you might also fancy Karachi Bakery Cashew Biscuits which hook you with their sweet taste.

A generous sprinkling of sugar plus the unmissable taste of coconut come together in Britannia Nice Time Coconut Biscuits. These cookies contain an adequate amount of carbohydrates, proteins, and fats. Try and restrain yourself from eating just one of these biscuits.

Want to continue eating healthy even when it comes to snacks? We have just the thing for you - Sofit Raisins Plus Flax Seeds Protein Cookies. They are completely vegetarian and do not contain trans fats. These cookies are packed with healthy energy which keep you active throughout the day. 

Another way to snack healthy is to munch on Cadbury Bournvita Banana and Oats Biscuits which tease your taste buds with the taste of actual bananas. For a fun take on teatime, we bring you Dukes Utsav Danish Butter Cookies. Each container of these biscuits holds an assortment of different-shaped cookies, but all sprinkled with lots of flavour and butter, two things that are required to make the perfect cookie recipe.

Buy Cookies Online

A few mouse-button clicks and you can filter the different types of biscuits, get a detailed info about the ingredients in each packet of biscuits, and read up on their nutritional content. Buy biscuits online and you also stand the chance to stock up your kitchen with your favourite snacks at discounted prices!

Nutrition Value Cookies 

Below nutrition value is taken for Britannia Good Day Butter Cookies (150 g) 
Nutritional information per 100gms*
Nutrition Value Quantity
Energy(kcal) 494
Carbohydrates(g) 67
Fat(g) 22
Cholesterol(mg) 6.5
Sugars(g) 22
Protein(g) 7

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