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Tea - For the Mind, Body and Soul

Ask around and you would find that most people genuinely believe that there are fewer things better at giving you the boost you need and relaxing you at the same time than a cup of tea. Almost everyone drinks a cup of tea throughout the day but a cup of steaming hot tea in the evening is what most people always look forward to. A cup of tea should never be rushed. Each sip should be savoured and relished. Even preparing and sipping tea is a form of relaxation. There are numerous types of tea out there in the world and a number of ways are available to use this popular beverage. Popular brands such as Tata, Red Label, Taj Mahal, 3 Roses, Tetley, and Lipton offer different varieties of tea to choose from.

The Origin of Tea 

One of the most ancient beverages in the world, tea is made by soaking dried leaves in water. Many people prefer tea over coffee because of the numerous health benefits it offers without the high level of caffeine. Studies have shown that tea which contains antioxidants reduces the oxidation reactions in our body and is actually proven to slow down the ageing process and prevent a number of diseases. A few benefits of tea include healthy cholesterol levels, increased metabolism, improved mental performance, and helping the body deal with stress.

From old-fashioned South Indian tea to the tea made for Japanese tea ceremonies, this healthy beverage is used all over the world. The most popular types of tea found almost in every household are the conventional chai tea, black tea, and green tea. Tea is available in a number of countries all over the world, but certain types of special flavours are available in selected cities only.

Tea: A Cook’s Best-kept Secret

If you think tea is just used as a beverage, think again. A versatile secret ingredient in the kitchen, tea adds a subtle richness to almost all kinds of dishes. From soups to sweets, and even in sauces for pork or poultry, different types of tea are used to complement the dish. With such benefits available, log on to your favourite shopping website, compare the prices of different brands and avail the lowest price on grocery online shopping.

Let’s take a look at a few popular types of tea available online:

Black Tea

One of the most common tea types available is black tea which is made using the leaves of the Camellia sinensis plant. The leaves are withered, rolled, oxidised/fermented, and dried to give rise to a strong flavour. Some of the regions well-known for producing black tea are Assam, Darjeeling, Nilgiri, and Sri Lanka.

Chai Tea

Chai tea is essentially black tea flavoured with milk and sugar and paired with spices and ingredients such as cardamom, vanilla and more. It could be called a blended tea and it is globally popular especially in Indian culture. Kashmiri Kahwa tea is such an example. 

Green Tea

One of the most popular types of tea consumed globally is green tea which is unoxidised and contains less caffeine than black tea. The making of green tea varies in different places. While the Chinese pan-fire the tea leaves to create a dull green colour, the Japanese steam the leaves to achieve a bright green shade.

Start your Day with a Hot Cup of Tea 

Most of us begin our day with a hot cup of tea right? Right from Kanan Devan to Red Label, there are plenty of tea brands that make sure we start our day on a fresh note. The antioxidants of the tea can help in slowing down your ageing process and also help in keeping your body healthier. Here are more reasons why you should drink tea regularly.

Benefits of Drinking Tea 

Research has proven that drinking tea comes with a variety of benefits for your health such as enhancing your memory power and creating a sense of inner calmness. Curious? Read on to know more.

Drinking tea can help in lowering your cholesterol levels and with lesser amount of caffeine, it helps you feel relaxed throughout the day.

From a mental health perspective, tea can help you focus on your tasks at hand and lowers the chance of any cognitive impairment. 

Types of Tea 

Tea is one of those few beverages that come in different types. Green tea, black tea, yellow tea, green tea and more. All of them come with a set of different benefits. 

Make your online grocery purchase online and avail quick delivery options. You can buy your favourite tea online from the comfort of your home.

Shop Online: Super Quality, Super Saving

With the choices of tea available today, you can browse different websites and can even avail grocery from Rs. 1 deals everyday. Some websites provide you with the option to book convenient delivery slots, while some have the option of assured next-day delivery. With such benefits, you’d never have to stand in a grocery-store queue again. With such simple methods to shop for groceries online, staying healthy has become much easier.

Nutrition Value of Tea 

Below nutrition value is taken for Red Label Tea (1 kg, Pouch)

Nutritional information per 100g
Nutrition Value Quantity
Energy(kcal) 100
Protien(g) 20
Carbohydrate(g) 4

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