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Dals & Pulses

Toor Dal – So Good, You Can Have Them for Every Meal

It’s safe to say that toor dal is a staple in most Indian kitchens. Also known as split pigeon pea dal, this variety of dal can be cooked in more ways than one. You have the Gujarati khatti meethi dal curry, dal curry to serve with classic South Indian snack idli, sambhar, or the Andhra special pappu. If you aren’t already familiar with the types of dal, here’s a hint – tur dal is characterised by its flat, straight, and sickle-shaped form. They are generally larger in size than the red lentils or black masoor dal which are possibly the most popular choice of dal. Toor Dal is called as Thuvaram Paruppu in Tamil Language.

The list of recipes you can cook up with toor dal is expansive. The addition of a different type of leaf or masala, or the way you cook the dal (pressure cook, steam, or fry) gives the final result a distinct taste. It’s not just about the hundred and one ways to cook toor dal that has elevated it to the status of being a staple food in our diet. The other major player that makes tur dal a popular food is that it is a rich source of protein – non-vegetarians can ensure a healthy protein intake by eating meat, but what do the vegetarians do? Include a bowl or two of tuvar daal as a side dish for your rice or roti. That should take care of your daily protein intake.

The Health Benefits of Eating Toor Dal

Whoever said that eating dal on a daily basis isn’t healthy couldn’t be more wrong. There are many nutritional benefits of including tur dal in your diet. A couple of these benefits include:

They Help Maintain Normal Blood Pressure Levels

A rich source of potassium, toor dal reduces blood constriction and blood pressure.

They Prevent Anaemia

Folate deficiency in the human body can be the cause for anaemia or the unhealthy development of unborn babies. A single cup of pigeon peas offers about 110% folate, thereby ensuring that your body receives the required amount of this essential nutrient. It is recommended for expecting mothers because of its high folic acid content.

They Assist in Growth

It’s already established that toor dal is a rich source of protein, one nutrient which is vital for the healthy development of muscles, tissues, and bones. This makes it great for growing kids and teenagers.

They Help Maintain a Good Physique

Toor dal possesses a low amount of calories, cholesterol, and saturated fats. This is why you feel full for a longer time when you eat toor dal. The nutrients found in this dal convert into usable energy rather than being stored in your body as fat.

They Take Care of Your Heart’s Health

Potassium, another nutrient which tur dal is rich reduces your blood pressure levels to help your heart function healthily.

Enjoy a Serving or Two of Toor Dal with Your Daily Meals

Love your dal? Luckily for you, there are tons of ways to help yourself to a well-prepared bowl or two of toor dal. Eat it as an accompaniment with rice or rotis, or drink it by itself as soup. When it comes to working your magic with this ingredient, you can try your hand at cooking toor dal fry, dal tadka (both restaurant and dhaba styles), kabuli chana dal, dal with aloo, palak dal tadka, dal curry for idlis, or dal dhokli.

Buy Toor Dal Online

Toor dal goes by many names, thuvaram paruppu in Tamil, tuvara parippu in Malayalam, kandipappu in Telugu, arhar Dal in Gujarati, thogari bele in Kannada, and arhar ki dal in Hindi. Shop for tur dal online – each packet of dal is carefully examined for quality and hygiene. Brands like 24 Mantra Organic, Safe Harvest, Tata Sampann, and Pro Organic Nature aim to promote healthy eating habits with their selection of tur dal. Don’t be afraid to check out dal and other grocery items from different brands, or to experiment with different tur dal recipes.

Our online grocery store is also stocked with pulses, such a urad dal, chana dal, and moong dal. Use the filters available on our online supermarket store to browse your options of dals based on their type, whether they are organic or not, or the discounts available on dals. Our online grocery store’s shelves are also loaded with all kinds of rice, cooking oils, ghee, atta & flour, masalas & spices, and other such staple kitchen goods. You can also stock your online grocery shopping cart with snacks & beverages, packaged food, dairy products, eggs, personal care products, baby care products, and household care products - all this with just a few mouse-button clicks/phone-swipes.

Nutrition Value Toor Dal

Below nutrition value is taken for Tata Sampann Toor Dal Yellow(500g) 

Nutritional information per 100gms*
Nutrition Value Quantity
Energy(kcal) 353
Protein(g) 22.61
Carbohydrate(g) 61.54
Fatty Acids(g) <=1.78
Minerals(mg) 67.71

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