Hadoop: The Definitive Guide 2nd Edition

    Hadoop: The Definitive Guide 2nd Edition (English, Paperback, Tom White)

    Hadoop: The Definitive Guide 2nd Edition  (English, Paperback, Tom White)

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    • Language: English
    • Binding: Paperback
    • Publisher: O’reilly
    • ISBN: 9789350231272, 9350231271
    • Edition: 2ndEdition, 2010
    • Pages: 648

      This book is an in-depth guide on developing distributed systems using the Apache Hadoop framework.

      Summary of The Book

      Hadoop is an open software framework that facilitates the construction of large distributed  networks that handle huge amounts of data, running into terabytes or petabytes. It is built on the MapReduce algorithm developed by Google. Hadoop was developed by The Apache Software Foundation. 

      Fundamentally, all implementations of information technology are about handling data, processing it, and presenting it in a useful form. This is a data intensive age where huge amounts of data need be shared across vast geographical distances, across different networks and systems. The sharing and processing of data has to be transparent and smooth, so that the applications processing the data and the people using the data need not bother about the details not directly relevant to them.

      This involves building networks and distributed systems that are capable of breaking down data transmission and the execution of applications across different systems, to ensure that everything runs smoothly. Plans also have to be put in place to ensure that failure in one part of the system does not bring the entire system to a halt.

      Apache Hadoop helps companies build large distributed systems that are reliable, scalable, extremely fast, and capable of handling huge amounts of data. It is built for data intensive operations.

      The book Hadoop: The Definitive Guide is divided into 16 chapters. The first chapter provides an overview of Hadoop and the next three chapters provide an introduction to MapReduce, the algorithm on which Hadoop is built. The fifth chapter shows readers how to set up MapReduce to run an application, and Chapter 6 explains how MapReduce is implemented in Hadoop. Chapter 7 discusses the MapReduce programming model and the data formats that it can handle, while Chapter 8 covers MapReduce features like library classes and sorting and joining data.

      Chapters 9 and 10 are about the administrative aspect of Hadoop, and these chapters explain how to set up and maintain Hadoop clusters. The next five chapters cover Apache components like the Pig programming platform and Pig Latin, the Hive Data Warehouse system, the HBase database system, the Zookeeper configuration service, and the Sqoop data transfer service. The last chapter is a compilation of some case studies from the Apache Hadoop community.

      Hadoop: The Definitive Guide shows readers how to use Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS) to store and process large data sets. It shows them how to configure MapReduce and then setup Hadoop and the various components for a distributed system that is reliable, fast, and secure.

      About Tom White

      Tom White is a member of the Apache Software Foundation and is on the Apache Hadoop Committee.
      Hadoop: The Definitive Guide is his only book so far.

      White currently works for Cloudera, a company that provides Apache Hadoop based solutions and services. He has a degree in Mathematics from Cambridge University and a degree in Philosophy of Science from the University of Leeds.

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      • Publication Year
        • 2010
      • Author
        • Tom White
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      Best book for learning hadoop

      I tried to learn hadoop from blogs and tutorials, but found it very difficult because of un-organised and poorly written contents. Than I found this book on flipkart. This book is well written (written and reviewed by creators of hadoop) and properly organized, so that if you are beginner in this area you can easily understand each and every concept given in the book. Little knowledge of distributed/parallel computing is required but not mandatory, but knowledge of any programming language is...

      Ananda Prakash Verma

      Certified Buyer

      21 Jan, 2012

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      Must have book

      Its simply awesome book...and recommended for beginners and for Pros....also. This book give you all u need to understand all the fancy terms related to BIG DATA and CLOUD. Only problem will come when u will go for hands-on.You should refer to Michael noll hadoop tutorials. Don't waste time for eclipse plug-ins, they are not available for all hadoop simply stuck with hadoop0.20.2 or 0.203 initially. Initially things may take some time but if u stuck to this book it gives u simplistic view of ...

      loveneet kumar

      Certified Buyer

      30 Aug, 2012

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      Amazing book

      The book has a very unique step by step approach in introducing hadoop to newbies. It has got a detailed info for kick start development on hadoop.
      This is a very good start-up guide.
      kudos to Tom White

      Ajay Sadhu

      Certified Buyer

      29 Apr, 2012

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      Great book to start with

      Book language is so much simple that I enjoy reading this book. The way MapReduce algorithm and other topic are explained is to the point. For beginner to advanced user, I will suggest to start with this this book...

      Manoj Negi

      Certified Buyer

      23 Mar, 2012

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