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Hard Disk Skins
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The Trending Hard Disk Skins To Buy Online

For the tech savvy generation, external hard disks have become a priority. The limited space in their PC and mobile devices seems to be a constraint. This has opened the market opportunity for hard disks. But they usually come in gothic and rusty colors, thus making them look unattractive. 


So, new, innovative, and attractive hard disks skins are doing massive rounds online and otherwise. Also sometimes there are good discounts on these skins from which you can benefit from. 

Durable Hard Disk Skin: Me Sleep HD 29382 Hard Disk Skin

The Me Sleep brand is the most popular hard disk skin brand online. The features of this hard disk skin are as follows:

• The hard disk skin is made of super durable 3M ethylene vinyl acetate. This ensures protection from dust, dirt, and scratches.

• The 3M technology also provides for a smooth and bubble free surface. This makes the hard disk skin durable, and it lasts longer.

• The hard disk skin covers the entire drive’s surface, thus, protecting it both ways.

• The design is multi- color with floral patterns.

• The dimensions of this hard disk skin are measured as 8.89 cm by 12.7 cm.

• The surface illuminates a glossy shine, and it keeps the hard disk dust-free. 

Therefore, you can buy hard disk skins from this brand.

Designs And Products From Me Sleep

If you search for hard disk skins, you will find Me Sleep products are trending. This is because they come in a variety of colors and attractive designs. The designs and patterns are meant for all age groups. They include nature, floral, graphics, cartoons, and abstract art forms. 

Some other popular hard disk skin available online are as follows:

• Me Sleep HD 35249 has a Christmas theme as a hard disk skin.

• Me Sleep HD 26038 has specific keywords associated with revolution like integrity and change.

• Me Sleep HD 31281 displays a beautiful scenery in the lap of nature.

• Me Sleep HD 32375 portrays exquisite floral patterns.

• Me Sleep HD 1572 has an abstract art embedded in it.

How To Wrap The Hard Disk Skin?

The step by step guide will help you to cover the hard disk with its skin. 

• It is important to clean your hard disk with a fresh cloth. The surface should be free from dust, dirt, grease, or oil. 

• An unclean surface will be a hindrance to the placement of the hard disk skin.

• Measure the area of the hard disk to be covered with the skin. Trim the excess sheet with a pair of scissors.

• Align the hard disk skin on the drive neatly to avoid any gaps. This will prevent bubbles from popping up.

• Remove one side of the liner while pressing the rest to the surface. The movement should be slow and steady to avoid any rupture. 

• Proceed to smoothen the alignment with a clean cloth or plastic card to remove any bubbles formed. 

Other Hard Disk Skin Online

Apart from the popular Me Sleep brand, there are some other brands of hard disk skins online—

• Tech Gear

• Safe Buy

• Indian 

Impress your friends buy sticking an awesome skin on your hard drive.

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