Harpers Illustrated Biochemistry 29th Edition
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Harpers Illustrated Biochemistry 29th Edition (English, Paperback, Robert K. Murray, Peter J. Kennelly, David A. Bender, Kethleen M. Botham, P. Anthony Weil, Victor W. Rodwell)


Harpers Illustrated Biochemistry 29th Edition  (English, Paperback, Robert K. Murray, Peter J. Kennelly, David A. Bender, Kethleen M. Botham, P. Anthony Weil, Victor W. Rodwell)

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  • Language: English
  • Binding: Paperback
  • Publisher: Tata McGraw - Hill Education
  • ISBN: 9780071792776, 0071792775
  • Edition: 29th, 2012
  • Pages: 830

The biochemistry classic that bridges the gap between textbooks and board reviews

Harper's Illustrated Biochemistry, 29/e offers concise, up-to-date, and authoritative coverage of the principles of biochemistry and molecular biology as they relate to medicine. Striking just the right balance between detail and brevity, Harper's Illustrated combines outstanding full-color illustrations with Integrated coverage of biochemical diseases and clinical information.

NEW to this edition:

  • New chapters on Aging, Cancer, and Clinical Chemistry
  • Every chapter has been updated to reflect the latest advances in knowledge and technology
  • Each chapter now begins with a statement of objectives, followed by a brief discussion of the biomedical importance of topics discussed within the chapter
  • 250 multiple-choice questions to test your knowledge and comprehension
  • Increased number of tables that encapsulate important information, such as vitamin and mineral requirements

Salient Features

  • A clear, succinct approach to the fundamentals of biochemistry that students need to understand to succeed in medical school
  • Ideal as a USMLE review
  • Pedagogy includes new chapter objectives, updated chapter summaries, and boxed cases
  • More than 600 full-color illustrations


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Book Details
  • McGraw-Hill Medical
Publication Year
  • 2012 March
Edition Type
  • International
Table of Contents
  • Section I: Structures and Functions of Proteins and Enzymes

    I. Biochemistry & Medicine
    2. Water & pH 7
    3. Amino Acids & Peptides
    4. Proteins: Determination of Primary Structure
    5. Proteins: Higher Orders of Structure
    6. Proteins: Myoglobin & hemoglobin
    7. Enzymes: Mechanism of Action
    B. Enzymes: Kinetics
    9. Enzymes: regulation of Activities
    10 Bioinformatics & Computational Biology

    Section II: Bioenergetics and the Metabolism of Carbohydrates and Lipids

    11. Bioenergelics: The Role of ATP
    12, Biologic Oxidation
    14. Carbohydrates of Physiologic Significance
    15. Lipids of Physiologic Significance
    16. Overview of Metabolism & the Provision of Metabolic Fuels
    17. The Cane Acid Cycle: The Catabolism of Acetyl-CoA
    18. Glycolysis & the Oxidation of Pyruvate
    19. Metabolism of Glycogen
    20. Gluconeogenesis & the Control of Blood Glucose
    21. The Pentose Phosphate Pathway & Other Pathways of lioxose Metabolism
    22. Oxidation of Fatty Acids Ketogenesis
    23. Biosynthesis of Fatly Acids & Eicosanoids
    24. Metabolism of Acylglycerols & Sphingolipids
    25. Lipid Transport & Storage
    26. Cholesterol Synthesis. Transport, & Excretion

    Section III: Metabolism of Proteins and Amino Acids

    27. Biosynthesis of the Nutritionally Nonessential Amino Acids
    28 Catabolism of Proteins & of Amino Acid Nitrogen
    29 Catabolism of the Carbon Skeletons of Amino Acids
    30 Conversion of Amino Acids to Specialized Products
    31 Porphyrins & Bile Pigments

    Section IV: Structure. Function and Replication of Informational Macromolecules

    32 Nucleotides
    33. Metabolism of Purtne & Pyrimidine Nucleotides
    34 Nucleic Acid Structure & Function
    35. DNA Organization. Replication, & Repair
    36. RNA Synthesis, Processing. & Modification
    37. Protein Synthesis & the Genetic Code
    38. Regulation of Gene Expression
    39. Molecular Genetics. Recombinant DNA, & Genornic Technology

    Section V: Biochemistry of Extracellular and Intracellular Communication

    40. Membranes: Structure & Function
    41. The diversity of the Endocrine System
    42. Norman° Action & Signal Transduction

    Section VI: Special Topics (will highlight the 16 cases)

    43. Nutrition, Digestion & Absorption
    44. Micronutrients: Vitamins & Minerals
    45 Free Radicals and Antioxidant Nutrients
    46 Intracellular Traffic & Sorting of Proteins
    47. Glycoproteins
    48. The Extracellular Matrix
    49. Muscle & the Cyloskeleton
    50. Plasma Proteins & Immunoglobulins
    51. Haemostasis & Thrombosis
    52 Red & White Blood Cells
    53 Metabolism of Xenotkotics
    54 The Biochemistry of Aging

Authored By
  • Robert K. Murray, Peter J. Kennelly, David A. Bender, Kethleen M. Botham, P. Anthony Weil, Victor W. Rodwell
University Books Details
  • PG
  • B.Sc(Zoology), M.B.B.S, B.Sc(Chemistry), B.Sc(Chemistry)
  • Biochemistry
  • 1st Year
  • 0 inch
  • 10.79 inch
  • 1618 g
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5 Reviews
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Easy-going languge and well-presented facts with colored charts are iys strength

Its an international standard book, never hesitate to buy tour copy at a throwaway price.

Flipkart's delivery system is fabulous and unmatcheable.

Go for it !!

shampa brahmachari

Certified Buyer

Sep, 2014

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superb book involving everything in biochemistry.. A good option for a beginner to swim in the sea of information..

Somesh Banerjee

Certified Buyer, Ghaziabad

Nov, 2014

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ocean in pot

Marvellous in illustrating the difficult subject in very lucid style.Tried to digest maximum knowledge in minimum words.book is highly worth purchasing, but delivery service of Flipkart is very poor & price is also at higher side.Import edition, which is very costly, is not much different from indian reprint which is very cheap. So better buy indian print.

jai bhagwan Atrish

Certified Buyer, Shimla

Jan, 2014

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Awesome Flipkart Delivery + Replacement !

This book is like oceans of knowledge in pot, I received the product water damaged however flipkart replaced my book within 2 days.. thank you so much Flipkart!

Nishit Joshi

Certified Buyer, Rajkot

Aug, 2014

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Very Bad Quality. Not trusting Flipkart anymore

There was a time when I got all of my academic books from Flipkart. Way back when it was just a book site, I used to get all my favorite books from here.

I think Flipkart has stopped delivering any kind of quality products when it comes to books. Just because the books are delegated to other stores to sell does not mean Flipkart shouldn't even carry out a basic quality check.

Coming to the book, this is a classic biochemistry book that has really helped thousands of students get through t...

Kshiteej Sode

Certified Buyer, Mumbai

May, 2016

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