You can take as many showers in a day as you want, you can wear your feel-good outfit, and douse yourself in layers of your favourite perfume, but something as seemingly insignificant as an unkempt beard or overgrown sideburns have the ability to make you look dishevelled. And we all know that looking good is the pre-requisite to feeling good about oneself. So what are you going to do about that beard of yours? What’s a simple and effective way to maintain it? For both these questions, there is one answer – electric shavers .

    Simplify the way you trim and groom your hair, with electric shavers

    Easy to use and loaded with safety specifications, shaving machines are more of a necessity than a luxury. Before we get down to what features to look for in these grooming appliances, let’s take a look at the types of shavers. We have body groomers, clippers, ear, nose, and eyebrow trimmers, grooming kits, facial shavers, and trimmers. Each style of trimmer is designed for a specific purpose. Invest in them as per your needs.

    Coming to the most important part, the specifications of shavers. Do you like to get your shaving and trimming done while in the shower? If yes, one of the first things you might want to check for is that the shaver is waterproof. Once you’re done using the blade, place it under the tap to rinse it off. Good-quality shavers are also bound to come with high-grade close-cut blades that glide smoothly over your skin, so as to give you a close shave/trim. You might also want to check and see that the blades are durable enough to allow you more than just a few uses.

    Then comes the handles. If you don’t want nicks and cuts all over your face every time you shave, you will want to invest in shavers that come with ergonomically designed handles. These handles usually features an anti-slip coating around them so they do not slip off because of the smoothness of the shaving foam/gel that you’re using, or because of the water. If you want a shaver/trimmer that moves itself rather than let you twist and turn your head, trying to get the hair on every inch of your face, appliances with flexible heads are a good bet. For your sideburns and mustache, appliances that come with precision trimmers are the ideal choice.

    From Philips, Nova, Braun, Panasonic, Gillette, and Kemei, to Brite, Wahl, and Babyliss, your best bet at checking out these appliances, comparing their prices and features, and reading reviews about them is to buy electric shavers online.

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