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Hygienic and 100% safe, our range of trimmers come from the most trusted brands in the market such as Nova, Philips, Syska, Veet and Panasonic. Choose among beard trimmers, hair trimmers, eyebrow trimmers, moustache trimmers among others. 


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Buy Trimmers for men Online at

If You Trim It, They Will Come! Planning on growing a beard? Well, there are two things that you have to take care of then. First, somehow brace yourself for comments like “Did you miss a spot while shaving?” from your friends and loved ones and second, try not to end up looking like Gandalf. If you have somehow managed to take care of the former, then taking care of the latter is as easy as taking candy from a baby. When the time comes for you to tame the hairy beast, you need to be ready with a good set of tools. And the most essential tool you can have in your hand is a trimmer. This versatile device is available in countless varieties and finding which one works best for you can be a little tricky. But fret not fellow Beard-Man, you have the power of internet to aid you in the quest for the ultimate trimmer for your beard. 

Finding the perfect trimmer online

In order to put your best face forward, it is essential that the trimmer you choose comes with features that will help you achieve the style you desire. Listed below are some things that you need to consider while choosing a trimmer. 

Usage - What are you planning to use the trimmer for? Just your beard or your head as well? If you look up trimmers online, you will see there are many models that offer multiple length settings, allowing you to shave the way you want. Some of these trimmers double up as shavers when you need that clean, close shave look. 

Battery - This is one of the top things that you have to consider. Go for trimmers that you can use even when it is plugged in for charge. USB compatibility and long battery life are signs of a good trimmer. 

Portability - This is another thing that you need to consider. If you travel a lot, then it is recommended that you get a trimmer that is lightweight and compact. For home-use purposes, you can opt for a slightly heavier model. 

Features - There are many models that come with features such as touchscreens, pivoting heads and various levels of waterproof-ness. Choose a model according to your preferences. 

Apart from all this technical aspects, the best beard trimmer is the one that can give you even lengths everywhere. Look for the one that makes sure that your facial hair looks its sharpest. The ladies love a man with a neatly trimmed face. Best Trimmers brands are Philips, Nova, Panasonic, Brite, Wahl, vega etc...

Groom Instantly - Buy Trimmers Online


We live in an era where men give equal importance to grooming as women. While regular visits to salons for a haircut is commonplace, visiting frequently for a shave or a trim can be quite time-consuming and expensive. If you have unexpected plans and you need to look groomed, a trimmer can come to your rescue. An unkempt beard is a big turn off, so solve this problem by buying trimmers online without even leaving your home. Manual trimmers are slowly going extinct and electric trimmers are gaining popularity owing to their speed, performance, and convenience. Online shopping portals have a wide variety of brands available. Check out trimmers from Philips, Braun, Nova, Panasonic, Veet, and HTC. Before you shop for trimmers online, go through the following pointers, it will help you make a better decision.


Utility of Trimmers


For what purpose are you buying a trimmer? Whether you are a man or woman, removing unwanted hair from your body is part of regular grooming. You can find myriad options like- clippers, shavers, body groomers, epilators, eyebrow trimmers and more.


Battery Powered or Corded Trimmers


Do you travel often? You can opt for battery powered trimmers. They are portable, flexible and very convenient. Most cordless trimmers are waterproof which makes cleaning them hassle-free. All you have to do is rinse under running water. Corded trimmers are generally not movable but are comparatively more powerful. More power means it can trim your beard at higher speed without pulling hair. Also, since it plugs into the wall socket, you don’t have to worry about charging it constantly.


Battery Power


Consider how often you travel and for long before you decide on which cordless trimmer you are going to buy online. Does it have a quick charge function? Go through the specs to find out how long does it take for a full charge and how long it can run on a single charge. If you trim your beard frequently, finding the answers to all these questions before making a purchase can save you a lot of hassle.


Waterproof Trimmers


A shaver that can be used under wet or dry conditions can go a long way in saving valuable time. Waterproof feature will mean that you will have have the flexibility to use it whenever you want. You can use it while taking a shower. Multitask and get groomed. Sounds awesome, right?




A beard trimmer often comes with an interchangeable guard that supports its multi functionality. These hair trimmer accessories are designed to trim hair to different lengths making grooming a breeze. Some accessories help trim ear and nose hair without a hassle. Look for trimmers that allow you to use it for multiple purposes so that you can have everything under one umbrella.


Blade Quality


This a crucial factor to consider as this is basically what distinguishes a good trimmer from a bad one. Better quality will ensure better performance. Look for chromium steel blades, self-sharpening steel blades or carbon steel blades. They are known for their longevity and good performance.  

Shop online for hair trimmers

Buying a trimmer online is an easier option because you can sit in the comfort of your home, browse through and compare various options from brands such as Philips, Nova, Remington and Panasonic. Moreover, online shopping is smooth and hassle-free, and you are guaranteed safe and secure payment transactions, and have the luxury of having your product delivered right to your doorstep.

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