Hollywood Funny Movies (Pack Of 4 DVD's)

Hollywood Funny Movies (Pack Of 4 DVD's)  (DVD English)

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  • Genre: Drama

This is the story of a mind mannered bank clerk Stanley Ipkiss who has just discovered a mysterious ancient green wooden mask by the sea that is inhabited by Loki the Norse night god of mischief. But when Stanley puts on the mask he transforms into an uncontrolled wacky suited green skinned cartoony manic superhero "The Mask" that does the craziest things and amazes people in search of justice and a good time too.


Delivering exactly what its title promises, this celebration of stupidity was Jim Carrey's 1994 follow-up to Ace Ventura: Pet Detective and The Mask. The film pairs the rubber- faced wacky man with Jeff Daniels as the not-so-dynamic duo of Lloyd and Harry, dunderheads who come into the possession of a briefcase containing ransom money that is intended for Mob-connected kidnappers. Lauren Holly costars as the woman who lost the briefcase, and with whom Carrey falls in love (both in real life and as his moronic on-screen character). As Lloyd and Harry make a mad dash to return the briefcase (never aware of its contents), the bumbling buddies attract Mobsters, cops, and trouble galore. This lowbrow laugh-a-thon scores some solid hits for hilarity, but with gags involving ill-fated parakeets, buxom bimbos, and an overdose of laxatives, be prepared to put your brain--and good taste--on hold.


Go back to school with everybody's favorite dimwits in this hilarious prequel to the hit comedy that rockted Jim Carrey to superstardom. It's a historic meeting of the mindless when Harry and Lloyd (Derek Richardson and Eric Christian Olsen) bump heads for the first time in high school. But when the school's principal (Eugene Levy) and head lunch - lady (Cheri Oteri)hatch a scheme to cheat the school out of $100,000,it's up to the maronic duo to come to the rescue. Will Harry and Lloyd save the day - or destroy it? Can Harry win the heart of the beautiful teen reporter? Will Lloyd make out with Harry's mom? To find out all the stupid answers, you'll have to watch the movie.

Censor Ratings as follows

Mask - U/A

Mask 2 - U/A

Dumb And Dumber - U/A

Dumb And Dumberer-When Harry Met Lloyd - U/A

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  • Sony DADC
  • Hollywood Funny Movies (Pack Of 4 DVD's)
  • DVD
  • English
  • Drama
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