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Religious Idols

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Religious Idols: Exquisite Home Decor Accessories for a Beautiful Home

Whether you are a religious person or a spiritual person, the religious idols are one of the essential home decor accessories that are widely common in many homes. Idols or statues are popular showpieces that are available in various colours, types, sizes, and you can even buy them as per your religious belief. These are home decor and festive needs that can enhance the aesthetics of your humble abode. You can buy idols to mount on the living room or bedroom walls and/or doors, to place in your prayer place, or even to place on a coffee table for a minimal yet beautiful style statement. You can also use these religious idols as housewarming gifts. As a gift, these showpieces are not only beautiful interior home decoration items, but also, they convey your goodwill for your loved ones. 

Religious Idols are available on online shopping sites, and you can easily get them delivered to your home. There are many brands, such as 101temples, Craft Junction, eCraftIndia, and DreamKraft among others, that make and sell various styles and types of idols. E-stores are ideal places to check different interior decoration items. Also, you can compare their prices, read reviews, and check ratings before making a buying decision. 

If you are thinking of decorating your home with idols, then here are a couple of tips that can help you to pick the right idols and statues for your home:

Types of Idols and Statues:

There are different types of idols that you can choose on online shopping sites. There are nativity figurines, nativity sets, Navratri golu dolls, and religious idols to buy. You can choose to buy any of these idols as house decoration items and room decoration items. The sets are ideal as home decor items that you can place in a sequence to decorate a particular area or wall. The individual idols are good room decoration items that you can place in your living room, bedroom, or in your prayer room. So, before placing your order on your favorite shopping site, it is good to consider where you want to place the idols. 

Colour and Material of Religious Idols:

You can find idols made of various materials and available in various colours. Acrylic, alloy, aluminium, bamboo, bone china, borosilicate glass, and bronze are among many materials that are used for making idols and statues. The weight, durability, and fragility of the religious idols depend on the material they are made of. When it comes to shades, you can buy an idol in beige, black, blue, brown, copper, gold, bronze, and/or pink, among other shades. There are also multicoloured idols that can completely change the look and feel of any dull corner of your home. Imagine, if you have a wooden coffee table, how stunning a multicolored Lord Buddha idol will look on it. 

Heights of Religious Idols:

While choosing an idol, you need to check the height or size of it to know where to place it in your home. A small idol in a big living room or a big idol in a small prayer room may destroy the interior decoration of your home instead of enhancing it. There are idols as tiny as below 10 cm and as big as above 60 cm in height. 

While buying a religious idol for your home, consider these aspects and then make a buying decision. 

Buy Religious Idols Online:

What’s that one thing we all find in religious Hindu houses? It’s undoubtedly religious idols of their favourite gods. Keeping religious idols at home will create a sense of satisfaction and a positive ambience. So bring home your favourite gods idols and worship them wholeheartedly.
Here are some of the popular religious idols most houses have:

The Lord of Success and the Destroyer of Evil - Ganesha:

Did you know that you should always keep Lord Ganesha’s idol at the entrance of your main door? Did you know that he will ward off all the evil from entering your house and will bring prosperity? If you din’t know, it’s okay. Now that you know, it’s time you buy Lord Ganesha’s statue and place it at the entrance. If your home doesn’t have a place at the entrance, it’s okay. You get Ganesha wall statues as well. You can hang one at the entrance and brighten up your space with positive energy.

The Goddess of Wealth - Lakshmi:

A magnificent statue of Goddess Lakshmi at home will bring success to hard working and dedicated people. Place a statue of her in your pooja room and worship her everyday. Goddess Lakshmi with her four hands will bring good luck and wealth when worshiped without any greed. Her four hands represent dharma, kama, artha and moksha. So bring home a statue of Goddess Lakshmi sitting on a lotus and worship her wholeheartedly. You can buy Goddess Lakshmi statue which is carved out of wood or crafted from silver.

The Lord of Dance - Nataraja:

If you are a classical dancer, then a statue of Lord Nataraja is a must in your home. Even if you are not a classical dancer, the opulent statue of Lord Nataraja at the entrance of your home will add a positive vibe to your space. An elegantly crafted brass Nataraja statue at home will create a nice ambience at home.
So what you waiting for? Bring home religious idols which also include Lord Buddha, Goddess Parvati, Lord Shiva, and Krishna & Radha statues. You can now buy religious idols online. Shopping for these idols online is a lot easier. You can sit in the comfort of your space and choose from brands like eCraftIndia. JaipurCrafts, Aapno Rajasthan, Aakrati and Craft Store India.

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