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Mirrors have been used by mankind for over a millennium since prehistoric times mainly for self-grooming. In time, mirrors came to be used for decorative purposes too. The most common type of mirror in use today is the mirror glass, which is basically a flat-pane glass with a coating of metal on the back, usually silver, aluminium, tin, nickel, or chromium. Decorative mirrors play a big role in any home decor setup. You can use them as complementary pieces to highlight and match the decor of your room. You can also use one as a statement piece to give more character to your room. Also available are smart mirrors such as a vanity or make-up mirror with an LED light ring around it that can be controlled by touch. Some common types of mirrors include bathroom mirrors for use in bathrooms and wall mirrors that come with wall-mountable frames in elaborate designs. Other variants include floor mirrors, also known as full-length mirrors, that can be good decor pieces for your bedroom and add a touch of luxury to your interiors. On the other hand, hanging mirrors are designed to be suspended in the air via a string or rope. So, browse for a wide variety of mirrors online and beautify your home. This information is updated on 24-Sep-23.

Decorative Mirrors

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Decorative Mirrors
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Wall Decor Items

Reveal Your Classy Taste with Mirrors

Mirrors have over time become an indispensable element of our life. Every day we dedicate a considerable amount of time in front of the mirror, dressing up for the office, college, checking out dresses, carrying out skincare routine, etc. However, the usage of the mirror is not confined to checking ourselves out in it. It also plays a role as a decorative item to intensify and magnify the beauty of your room. It helps to embellish an empty, bare wall in rooms. The wall mirror glass comes with many detailed designs and patterns inscribed on them, giving them the appearance of an exquisite piece. You can buy these mirrors online at Flipkart.

Lavish Mirrors to Ornament the Wall

The House interior can reveal your living style, and decorative mirrors can change your house’s entire look. The mirror history is very ancient, and it includes Indian, Mesopotamian, Egyptian, and Chinese. Romans widely practised glass variations. At Flipkart, you can choose your preferences for the elegant series of lifting, desk mirrors, wall mirrors of ancient or modern designs and smart mirrors too.

Selecting Mirror for your Room

Mirrors possess the power to change your room’s appearance and transform your space from dull to bright. It gives the small room a spacious and bright look as it adds more light to your room. Before selecting a mirror glass for the house, you must keep some details in your mind. If you want to add mirrors in your house for a decorative purpose, then go for mirrors with diverse shape and size. Go for one with mirror glass that is designed in the traditional way. It will be eye-catching. If you are setting your mirror in a small room, use this tact to make it look more spacious and lighted. Flipkart holds a diverse series of smart mirrors that are decorative and can beautify your home. Before selecting the decorative mirror for the wall, you should know about the types of mirrors.

Mirrors for Dressing Area

Wall mirrors come in varied patterns, for instance, Full-length glasses, egg-shaped glasses, quadrilateral glasses, circular glass, four-sided glass, and obscure form glasses. You can decide from an extensive range of mirrors online. A vanity mirror is best for placing in the dressing area. Also, choose a free-stand and swivelled mirror as it helps you to apply minute makeup. It allows you to have a closer look at your skin. A fibre frame can be the best alternative for an old-fashioned cupboard door mirror. For a classic traditional theme of your house, select a wooden frame mirror to enhance your vogue. Another widely chosen mirror is a silver metal frame round in shape, wooden triangular frame, and three copper-toned frames. For a contemporary bathroom with dressing, smart mirrors will be enough.

Selecting a noble brand to buy the mirror can give you the most-solid and best quality product. Here are the topmost brands that comprise a wide range of superior products of mirrors online. Some of the best brand names are Antique Villa World, Empire Art Direct, and Howard Elliott Collection. Check out the amazing collection at Flipkart now.


Mirrors – Reflection of Your True Self

Decorative Mirrors

Every room in your home deserves a fancy mirror because mirrors add more space to the room, especially if you have a small room. A mirror can make your room look brighter, as it reflects more light. Mirrors can be used as complementary pieces to match with the decor of your room, they can also be used as statement pieces to give your room more character. If you wish to place mirrors in your home, here are a few things you should keep in mind:

If you wish to fill your home with mirrors, make sure that they are not repeated. Use different styles and shapes of mirrors, to give your room a unique personality.

Place your mirrors strategically, so that they reflect the most light. Nothing can dampen the mood of a room like a badly placed mirror.

Pick mirrors according to the theme of the room. If your room has traditional or eclectic furniture, then pick mirrors, with traditional or eclectic frames.

If you plan on placing wall mirrors, make sure that the wall itself is not cluttered. An open space for a mirror allows the light to bounce back easily, giving the room a more open and vibrant look.

Gilded vintage mirrors are also excellent decor pieces for your patio or outdoor sitting areas.

Online shopping sites like Flipkart boast a wide range of decorative mirrors, which can be used to beautify your home. However, before you go shopping for decorative wall mirrors online, here are some common types of mirrors you may find:


Hanging Mirrors 

Most people often mistake hanging mirrors for wall mirrors, the most telling difference between the two types of mirrors is that hanging mirrors are generally suspended in the air with the help of a string or rope. You can suspend these mirrors against a wall, but it would be the strings attached to the mirror’s frame, that bears the brunt of its weight. However, it should be remembered that since hanging mirrors are designed for suspension, they are usually lightweight. Such mirrors make excellent options for your dressing room, as well as, bathroom.


Floor Mirrors

Full-length decorative mirrors were fashionable during the late 19th and early 20th century, they went out of fashion with the introduction of dressing table designs which combined utility with a complete view. However, as the world moves towards more compact living spaces, full-length mirrors are gaining popularity again, especially as decor pieces for your bedroom. These mirrors are slim and take up less space, and if they are placed at the correct angle, they reflect enough light to make your living quarters look more open and bright. Full-length mirrors are also becoming popular because they add a sense of luxury to your interiors.

Wall Mirrors

Wall mirrors come with specified brackets on the backs of their frames so that it becomes easy to fit them on a wall. Wall mirrors generally come with heavier frames which boast elaborate designs. Some wall mirrors can also come with shelves, which can be used to house decorative pieces, especially, designer lamps. Wall mirrors are also versatile, they can elevate the mood of any room they are fixed into.

Question and Answers

  1. Q.Name some brands that offer decorative mirrors online.
    A.Brands such as Urban Choice, Timberly, Being Nawab, Adinath Creators, Aaina, and many others offer decorative mirrors online.
  2. Q.I need a mirror with a wooden frame. Can I find a suitable option online?
    A.Yes. There are various brands that offer wooden frame mirrors online. You can explore various designs and choose an option that suits your home or office decor. Other than that, you can also swipe and browse mirror frames made from materials like bronze, copper, borosilicate glass, crystal, glass, aluminium, bamboo, brass, carbon steel, gold plated, nickel, porcelain, silicone, silver, stainless steel, jute, and more.
  3. Q.Do all decorative mirrors come with a frame?
    A.No. You can swipe and browse various frameless mirrors with different shapes and sizes online.
  4. Q.Can I find a mirror appropriate for my make-up table?
    A.Yes. You can select appropriate wall-mounted options for your make-up table. Other than that, you can also explore tabletop options with intricate designs and embellished details. Furthermore, you can browse through an assortment of shapes, including round, square, oval, and rectangle.
  5. Q.How to choose the right mirror size for a wall?
    A.Your available wall space will determine the optimum mirror size. In living rooms, a large mirror can serve as a focal point, or you can arrange numerous tiny mirrors on a wall to make a wonderful gallery wall.
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