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Dream catchers are attractive wall-hanging of sorts that are hung right above the place you put your head at. Dream catchers are said to catch your bad dreams at night. Dream catchers are a great addition to your room. It adds colour and a touch of free-spiritedness to your bedroom. You can shop for dream catchers and wind chimes of different designs and shapes on Flipkart. Brands, such as Meher Collection, DreamKraft, Jamboree Smart Buy, Ryme, Exclusivelane, etc., have a huge collection of wooden wind chimes, feng shui wind chimes, and dream catchers online.

Windchimes & Dream Catchers

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Buy Wind Chimes and Dream Catchers at the Best Prices

Wind chimes and dream catchers can make any room look elegant and cute. They come in various designs, shapes, sizes, and colours. However, wind chimes and dream catchers are not merely items of decor. They have a lot of significance in feng-shui. So, before placing wind chimes and dream catchers in a room, one should know which side to place them on. 

You can buy wind chimes and dream catchers online from the various e-commerce sites. If you want to buy them from a reliable site, you can check them online on Flipkart. With designs ranging from ethnic to contemporary, you can buy them all on the site. 

These wind chimes and dream catchers are also made of various materials. Depending on the design, you can opt for one or many. They are also easy to place. You can buy them from brands such as PrintOctopus, Ryme, Craft Junction, Brothers Creation, Kraft Village, etc. 

To know more about wind chimes and dream catchers, you can take the help of the Internet and search for them by using keywords like dream catcher online, wooden wind chimes, wind chimes Feng-shui, wind chimes online lowest price, dream catcher online, unique wind chimes online, wind chimes for sale online, wind chimes handmade, wind chimes benefits, wind chimes with photos, spiritual meaning of dream catchers, dream catcher purpose, authentic dream catchers, dream catchers for sale, dream catcher origin, etc. 

Significance of Wind Chimes

a) Wind chimes produce soothing and relaxing tunes when they brush against the breeze. Besides selecting them as per their designs, you can also choose them as per the type of sound that you want them to produce. You can opt for wind chimes made of bamboo to relieve stress and to attract positive energy.   

b) Some of them can produce thick, soothing sounds, while others can create soft and penetrating tones.

c) It is said that wind chimes attract good luck, prosperity, happiness, and good fortune. You can place them at the entrance of your house, or in your living room to attract wealth and prosperity. However, you must be sure to consult an expert if you want to place it as per Feng-shui.

d) Usually, wind chimes come with three, five, six, or eight tubes.

e) If you want your house to prosper, you can buy one that comes with five tubes. The five tubes signify the five directions, which are - north, south, east, west, and centre. The tubes attract prosperity from all these directions.

f) Six tubes attract good luck.

g) Eight tubes remove bad luck.

Significance of Dream Catchers

a) Dream catchers are said to destroy nightmares. They have a circular and intricately designed frame. The frame is said to symbolise the Earth and the perpetual flow of life on it.  

b) The frame is designed with an intricate web. It is said that this web catches all the bad dreams and destroys them in the morning. 

c) The feathers on a dream catcher are said to act like a ladder that allows good dreams to pass on to the person who is sleeping. 

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