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    Who doesn’t like the complete theater experience? The floor-to-ceiling screen, the surround sound, and fresh popcorn. We can’t promise you the same effect at home, but we can definitely help you achieve a similar effect. If you are planning to build a home theater, then you need the right speakers to enhance your experience. 

    To help you choose the best home theatre speakers, we bring to you this small guide:

    Choose Compact Speakers 

    If you are setting up a home theatre system in your living room, then consider compact speakers. These speakers blend into your home decor and leave plenty of space for other activities. You could also choose bookshelf, in-wall, or ceiling speakers.

    Get Lifelike Sound With Tower Speakers

    If you want an actual theatre-like experience, then consider tower speakers. Floor-standing speakers, with their large acoustic chambers deliver powerful surround effects which give a theatre-like feel at home while watching movies and playing video games. 

    Map Out Where Your Speakers Will Go

    Another important thing to keep in mind while buying home theater speakers is where you to place them. Consider the layout and shape of your room. Map out a plan on where the speakers look good and how they should be placed to get the best results.

    Center Channel Speaker

    Usually, the center channel speaker delivers up to 50% of a movie’s soundtrack. The center channel speaker keeps sound anchored to the on-screen action and lets you enhance your movie-watching experience at home.

    Once you finalize on the center channel speaker, you can move on and consider the size of the other speakers. Compact bookshelf speakers are ideal for a small living room and they complement with a small center channel. If you are planning to buy tower speakers, then go for a large center channel to match their robust output.

    Front Left and Right Speakers

    The front speaker reproduces the movie’s music. These front speakers also handle the special effects. So if you want the exact theatre-like sound experience, then make sure you pick high-performance front speakers. 

    Surround Speakers

    The surround speakers immerse you in the movie by producing ambient sounds like the rain drops, or the rustling of the leaves. These speakers also work with the other speakers and deliver spectacular directional effects like a train rushing by, or a bullet zinging past.


    Once the speakers are sorted, the next important thing to consider to set up a home theater is the subwoofer.

    Most home theater systems come with a high-performance speaker system. However, if you are planning to build your home speaker system to match your needs, then make sure you pick the best in quality front speakers, surround speakers and a subwoofer.

    So what are you waiting for? Log on to your favourite e-store, browse through the collection of different brands like Sony, Philips, Intex, JBL, F&D and Creative, and pick the best home theater speakers. Shopping for speakers online is easy, safe and convenient as you can sit in the comfort of your house and get the speakers delivered to your doorstep.

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