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Enliven your home with our range of delightful and refreshing home furnishing, guaranteed to stun your guests and uplift your interiors exponentially. From colourful curtains and cushions, luxurious bed linen and blankets, plush carpets and floor furnishing to bathroom and kitchen linen, find everything you need to convert your house into a home under a single roof! Top brands to look out for: Raymond, Bombay Dyeing, Portico, Spaces and Swayam. Watch out for our upcoming big festive deals!

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We’re sure you would have seen your mum go haywire when she finds out guests are coming over - she’ll replace those old, messy bed sheets with brand new ones, put new door mats, replace that carpet with a luxurious one, bring out those vibrant cushions which are otherwise neatly stored in the wardrobe, and do all sorts of things to make your house look neat and organized. Don’t you think that’s how your home should always be? Make sure your house is decorated all the time, and not just when you have guests coming over. Pamper yourself with comfortable bedsheets and fluffy comforters, add beautiful, flowy curtains that make you feel like you’re in a dreamland, place soft doormats, and add lots and lots of cushions on your couch.

Bedroom Furnishings

“Invest in your bed during your adult life.” says Gibson. You’ll never know the importance of sleep untill you lose sleep for days. And that’s when you’ll know the importance of sleep, or rather the importance of good sleep. And for that, you need the perfect home furnishings, from those super-soft, Egyptian cotton bedsheets that enhance your sleep quality to those fluffy comforters that make you want to sleep that extra 10 minutes, those soft pillows that make you want to hug them to those thick curtains that block the sunlight from entering your cozy bedroom.

Living Room Furnishings

Your living room not only sets the tone for your entire house but it also reflects your style. So that calls for more attention and more detaining. Decorate those French windows with frilly curtains - mix those sheer curtains with floral-themed ones, and play with the lighting and with the look of your living room. Add some fluffy cushions decorated in attractive cushion covers on your couch and make your living room a livelier place.

Bath Furnishings

We all love taking showers - that’s where we think of life. That’s why you need to equip your bathroom with all the essentials, from tooth brush holders to bath towel holders, bath mats to shower caps. That’s not it, you also need to get a luxurious bath robe, some super-soft bath towels and a few bathroom door mats. 

Kitchen Furnishings

Who said you can’t look good while you cook? You sure can if you have the right kitchen furnishings. Buy an apron and cook without dirting your clothes, get kitchen linen like hand towels, napkins and keep your kitchen shelves and racks clean.

Buy the Best Home Furnishings Online

Did you just buy a new home? Your new home can be a platform to bring out the designer in you. You can flip through interior design magazines and blogs to get different and unconventional ideas from. You can then explore furniture stores online to buy the home furnishings you need. These furniture stores online feature reputed brands, such as Bombay Dyeing, Flipkart SmartBuy, Swayam, Story@Home, Portico New York, Recron Certified and much more.  

How to Pick the Best Home Furnishings

If you are renovating your home or moving to a new home, then you could start exploring the options available for every object or thing that you want in your home. From doormats to laundry baskets, you can check these options online on popular shopping sites. You could turn your home into a dream home and give your relatives and neighbours some serious home goals. 

So, considering what kind of furnishing you need at home, you can filter out your options online on popular furniture stores. Say, you only need bath towels, as the ones you have currently are old and worn out. You could just about explore your options for bath linen online.

Let’s explore more on home furnishings:

1. Bed Linen

Bed sheets, pillow covers, blankets, quilts, bed skirts, duvet covers and everything related to beds come under this category. 

Some people like bed sheets in vivid colors, whereas a few others like them in sombre and neutral colors. Say, you have a preference for blue colored bed sheets. You can narrow down your options for blue colored bed sheets online by applying the relevant filter. Explore your options for bed sheets from brands such as Bombay Dyeing, IWS, Stellar Home, Bella Casa, Raymond, Metro Living and much more. You can select the size of the bed sheet based on the size of your bed. Be it for a single bed or a queen size bed, you are sure to find the bedsheet you are looking for online from top-selling brands.  

2. Bath Linen

You need to change your towels once every few months. Worn out and dirty towels not only look ugly, but they also lose their absorbing capacity. It is recommended that you change your towels often to maintain better hygiene, as used and old towels can lead to skin problems. Buy towels from brands such as Swiss Republic, Flipkart SmartBuy, Vtex, Bombay Dyeing and much more. 

Say, you are staying with your family and you don’t have an attached bathroom. Do you often find yourself wrapping a towel around your body and running from the washroom into your bedroom? You could slip and hurt yourself while doing so, as the floor might be wet. Instead, what you can do is buy bath robes for yourself. Put it on and walk towards your bedroom. With a bathrobe on, you can be assured that your modesty will be protected. You can take your own sweet time to put on some clothes. You could probably take a detour towards the kitchen to get yourself a snack. Buy bathrobes from Camey, SPACES, Raymond Home, Vixenwrap and much more.

3. Curtains and Accessories

Curtains make a huge difference to your home’s decor. With curtains, you are not only controlling the way sunlight enters your home, but you are also bringing in the plushness factor to the decor. You can pick the best curtains for your room depending on the furniture in the room or color of the wall. When the curtains are blended well with other things in the room, the room in itself becomes a thing of beauty. You can even buy accessories such as curtain knobs and brackets too. You can match these accessories with your curtain. Explore curtains and accessories online from brands such as Flipkart SmartBuy, Swayam, Home Candy, Nails Ink, Zesture, GROWNIX and much more.


4. Cushions, Pillows and Covers

Do you often wake up with a pain in your neck? It could be the pillow that is causing this strain. If your pillows are old and they’ve lost their softness and bounciness, then it is about time you changed your pillows. Your posture while sleeping is imperative and you need to relax every muscle in your body. With unsupportive pillows, you will experience a lot more than just vexing neck pains - you could even disrupt the natural alignment of your spine in the long run. You’d probably even experience stiffness in the neck and terrible headaches, which may disrupt your sleep cycles and leave you exhausted. Change your pillows today by shopping for them online from renowned brands, such as SLEEPWELL, LA VERVE, Flipkart SmartBuy, Recron, Trance Home Linen and much more. 

Of late, if you have noticed random pimple outbursts, then you could blame your pillow covers. It is recommended that you change your pillow covers at least once a week. You could easily avoid unnecessary skin problems by doing so. By changing pillow covers often, you are taking a step towards better hygiene. You can buy pillow covers from brands such as IWS, Home Elite, Hemden, Story@Home and Trance Home Linen. 

5. Floor Coverings and Living Room Furnishing

The right kind of floor coverings and living room furnishing can give your living room a touch of sophistication. Carpets, doormats, cushion sets, diwan sets, door blinds, window blinds, sofa fabrics and much more - you can find the kind of home furnishing you are looking for online. You can color coordinate these home furnishings according to the theme you have in mind. Have a theme in mind? You can buy home furnishings to match this theme. All you have to do is explore your options for such home furnishings online. 

Where to Pick the Best Home Furnishings From

Explore the best home furnishings online on popular shopping sites. These sites feature a few of the top-selling brands, such as Flipkart SmartBuy, Story@Home, Home Candy, Swayam, Recron, Bombay Dyeing and much more. From kitchen dining linen to bath linens, you can explore different categories under home furnishings on these sites.

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