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    You wake up, brush your teeth, have a bath and eat breakfast and after each of this, you wash your hands with a hand towel and yourself, after a bath, with a bath towel. And yet these home furnishings don’t get the attention they deserve. Not only do towels keep us clean and dry, but they also add to the look of our bathroom. These versatile home furnishings are often underappreciated and most of us, while buying towels don’t put any thoughts into the type of towel, size and material. So here we’re are putting some thought into towels.

    This little guide will help you pick the best towels that will not only last long but which will also perform better.

    Types of Towels

    Bath Towels - After a refreshing shower, we all wrap yourself in a bath towel. It’s important that the towel you pick needs to be soft and comfortable, if not you will only be doing more bad than good to your skin. So make sure you pick a super-soft and super-absorbent towel.

    Hand Towel - While picking hand towels, you need to pick two types - one for the wash basin and the other for your dining table. Equip these two places with beautiful hand towels and dry your hands after every wash.

    Gym Towels - You could use one of your hand towels as a gym towel as well. But if you want that added comfort and softness which absorb all your sweat at the gym, then a soft yet absorbent gym towel is what you need.

    Dry yourself right, with good-quality bath towels

    The color and design details of a towel become secondary when compared with something like its material. With bath towels, the first, if not only, thing you might want to consider is their material. Here’s a look at a few of the most absorbent towel materials that you can choose from:

    Bamboo – A fine blend of cotton and bamboo, these towels are loved for their exceptional absorbency quality. The fact that they feel soft and silky on the skin are added bonuses. Besides, towels that are cut out of this material have are impressively durable and do not lose shape even after repeated washing.

    Cotton – Known to be one of the most absorbent materials, the superiority of cotton bath towels is undeniable. Regardless of whether they are cut out of pure cotton or are blended with other materials, you cannot go wrong with cotton towels.

    Terry – Soft and indulgent on the skin, towels cut out of terry come a close second to cotton ones in terms of their impressive absorbency quality.

    Jacquard – If your paranoia about washing everything that you own borders on OCD, you’re best off with towels that are tough enough to withstand constant washing. That’s exactly want jacquard bath towels are – durable. These towels have an admirable capacity to withstand the pressure of being washed regularly, without losing shape. They are washing machine-friendly and can be dried in the dryer.

    Polyester- This is a material that’s greatly valued for its exceptional shape-retention quality. Polyester towels are durable and can withstand being washed repeatedly.

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    Your best bet at accessing the best bath towels from leading lifestyle brands is to shop for them online. Download the mobile apps of these sites and you can shop for them even when you’re at work or when you’re caught in traffic and need a distraction. 

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