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    Rejuvenate Your Mornings- Buy Bath Towels Online

    Wrapping ourselves in a fluffy bath towel after taking a warm shower is such a pleasant experience. Although it seems insignificant, the warm and cozy feeling can set a positive tone to kickstart your day. If you are planning to purchase one and are confused with the countless options available online, we have some pointers chalked out for you:
    Look Out For the Thickness of Bath Towels Online
    GSM basically refers to the density of the towels. When you look at the product description for bath towels online, you will find the GSM (grams per square meter) mentioned. Bath towels with lower GSM are lighter in weight. These are best suited while travelling or going to the gym. Bath towels with higher GSM are thick and give you a luxurious feel. They are mainly used in spas and hotels. Check out bath towels online from brands like Bombay Dyeing, Spaces, and Swiss republic. Search online to find bath towels of various thickness based on your needs
    Find Bath Towels Online with High Absorbency and Drying Speed
    Although dense towels are cozy and comfortable they tend to take more space in the washer and also take longer to dry. If you prefer convenience over comfort you can go for the cotton towels. They dry up fast and are extremely easy to maintain. Also, if you live in a humid area, the thick towels will take longer to dry. Different types of fabric are available online like cotton, bamboo, fleece, microfiber, polyester, and jacquard to name a few. Based on where you live and what you prefer, you can decide the material. It is always advisable to have a mixed set of bath towels to suit your moods on different days.
    Read the Instructions Before Buying Bath Towels Online
    Fabric care instructions are generally provided along with the product description of the bath towel. Most of the bath towels available online are machine washable. But, it is always better to be sure before you purchase, so go through the specifications in detail to avoid returns later. Some products clearly mention no bleach. So, be a little careful of the information provided for the bath towel. It will help you make a better purchase and ensure the longevity of the towel.
    Know What Type Are You Looking For
    Gone are the days when we used the same towel for multiple activities. Now people prefer to have separate towels for various activities and body parts. Bath towels are typically used to dry off after a shower. Hand towels come in smaller sizes and are used for drying hands after a wash. Similarly, you can also find options like face towels, baby towels and more. There are combo sets available in case you want multiple types.
    Find Different Designs of Bath Towels Online
    Bored of single, plain colors? Brands like Cotton Colors, Shopping store and Curl Up offer different prints and colors. For your kids get towels with their favorite cartoon characters on it. Also, keep in mind that there are certain colors which may continue to bleed after several washes.

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