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    There are a few things on earth compared to the joy of snuggling under a fuzzy and warm blanket on a cold winter day. When you add a good book, a cup of hot tea and spicy bhajjis to it, the joy almost turns to euphoria. This is one of the aspects of winter that almost everyone eagerly looks forward to. Nowadays, you get blankets in a variety of designs and colors that not only keep you warm and toasty but also help in enhancing your bedroom décor. Do you know that a blanket or quilt in a dark and bold shade such as purple and red can make your bedroom look regal; whereas bright and peppy colors add youthful cheerfulness to your room?

    Different types of blankets:

    As Juliet says to Romeo in Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet, “What's in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet”, this might also be applied to blankets to an extent. Whether you call them blankets or quilts or dohars, their enveloping warmth will be the same. But then, if we look deeper, there might be subtle differences between them. Let us take a deeper look into different kinds available online.


     Although many people might think of it as an all-encompassing term, a blanket is slightly different from other coverings used in winter. It is believed that the term blanket came from Thomas Blanket, a Flemish weaver who lived in the 14th century and was the creator of heavy woolly weaves. Initially, wool was the most preferred material for them, but nowadays you can find these in a variety of other fabrics including cotton, cashmere, fleece, chenille and silk. This makes it easy for different people to choose one that suits their preference and comfort.

    If you have a baby at home, you can go for the woollen or fleece ones, as they are good at wicking away moisture. Cotton blankets are especially good if you have a sensitive skin and are prone to allergies. The ones that feature herringbone, mesh pattern and basket-weave are usually heavier yet more breathable and soft textured than others. If you are looking for something more elegant and regal-looking, you can buy cashmere and silk blankets. Though a bit on the expensive side, these lightweight and luxuriously downy textured coverings are worth every penny. With the advent of technology, now you can also find electric blankets online.


     Though quilts can be found in different designs, patchwork quilts are perhaps the most popular in many cultures across the world. These bedding items feature a padding of cotton, down or feathers, stitched between layers of fabric. This technique of making quilts sets them apart from other kinds of blankets.


     These lightweight and airy cotton quilts are ideal for Indian summers. Dohars are also ideal for using in air-conditioned rooms. These traditional Indian quilts feature three layers of fabric stitched together in straight lines, grid pattern or other elaborate designs.

    Summer is approaching and with it the season of blankets is almost over. But you can still indulge in some off-season shopping online, as it will help you save both money and time. Moreover, online shopping sites offer you a wide range of these bedroom essentials from different brands including Bombay Dyeing , Raymond, Portico New York and Swayam at amazing discounts. So what are you waiting for, when your dream blanket from your favourite brand is only a click away!

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