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Curtains & Accessories

Window Curtains for Refining Your Home Decor

Like all other interior décor, curtains play their own role in beautifying your personal space. In addition to serving as an arbitrary material that separates areas and covers windows and doors, they contribute to your home's overall aesthetics and magnify its underlying composition by adding more depth.

With everything else in place, curtain designs can complement or mess up the interior theme. It is, therefore, imperative to select the suitable fabric, texture, colour tone, size and number of curtains for any given space. From net to velvet, you’ll find them in every fabric type with an unending array of colour options and designs. This wide range of availability often confuses and blurs our judgement while purchasing. Therefore, it is essential to separately define the features that you seek in windows, doors, and living room curtains.


Here’s How to Choose Window Curtains

The shopping spree should begin with dimension analysis for the curtains. Determine the mounting technique, curtain rod length, curtain length, measure for the width of curtains, and measure the window's size. Once noted, you can shift your focus to the aesthetics of the pieces. The material of window curtains should be selected according to the natural light that comes from the windows. Keep it light-coloured with net fabric if the window opens to low lighting and dark and thick fabric if excessive light heats your home. You can also go with curtains that have blackout lining if too much natural light is a significant concern. If you live in an area with extreme temperatures, try the curtains with thermal lining.

In addition to the room’s colour theme, you should also consider the plywood shade and texture of pelmets, if any. Curtains might appear out of place if they aren’t well-coordinated with the pelmets and other interior elements.


How to Choose the Perfect Door Curtains?

The choice of door curtains depends upon the door’s placement. Suggestions for front doors curtains, long divider curtains and room door curtains differ. For the front door, choose a curtain with heavy fabric, embroidered or designed heavily to impart an effect of grandeur to the entrance.

Contrastingly, it would help if you opted for lightweight, manageable and light-shaded curtains for room doors. They make the interior area look clean, large and sophisticated.

Bold geometric designs, large scale florals and abstract print make for the best options to suit long divider curtains. The richness of fabric is fundamental here; it ensures that the division has a visual appeal and is classy.


Everything Available at a Click

Flipkart brings you a wide range of bedroom curtains, window curtains and living room curtains online. With an unending variety, it makes available several filters like fabric type, colours, pattern, pack composition, length, curtain-type, etc., to help you categorise the best-suited options as required. Brands like Bombay dyeing, Swayam, Ville Style, etc., are some of the most famous curtain sellers at Flipkart. So what are you waiting for? Go through their colourful and classy collections available at affordable prices.

Curtains can make or break the look of your home. When it comes to choosing drapes, you should always consider the color, fabric, length and the print. While the fabric determines the functionality and durability, the color of the drapes can give a cohesive look to your overall decor. Linen or silk drapes can instantly add a luxurious and classy to your home. You should choose the length of a drape according to the height of the panels. If you want to add a sense of height to your room, you can hang your drapes a little above the window frame. This will give your room a dramatic feel. Online stores have all types of drapes to choose from. Whether you’re looking for curtain rods, window curtains or door curtains, you can find them all in online stores. Popular brands like Bombay Dyeing, Swayam, Home Sizzler, Story@Home and Flipkart SmartBuy have an extensive range of drapes to choose from. With online shopping, you can also look at the care instructions of the drapes. While some drapes need to be dry cleaned, others are machine-washable. You can go for printed drapes or solid ones according to the overall decor of your home. It’s good to go with printed ones if the rest of your furnishings are of solid colors and vice versa.


Buy Curtains Online: Give Your Rooms a Grand Makeover

Change is something that we all tend to resist, be it in our personal lives, our surroundings or even if we have to change something as simple as a curtain. Oh, did I say simple? Not at all. Choosing the right curtains, be it window curtains or door curtains, is not an easy task. With a plethora of options of fabrics, finishes, colours and curtain rods, choosing the right curtain that would suit your space can be quite overwhelming!

However, before we jump into the types, let us understand a few basics on how to go about making your space an aesthetically appealing place to be. For surely, an ill-fitting curtain would definitely spoil the overall decor of your space.

1. Mounting Style: Determine the mount-type of your curtain, should it be metal, wood or a mix of both.

2. Lenght: Getting the correct length of the rod is very important so that you do not end up with a shorter piece or cutting off that extra piece and making a mess of the idea.

3. Curtain Lenght: Getting the correct length of the curtain will add on to the aesthetic appeal of your space. A curtain too short or perhaps something that sweeps the floor might be an eyesore.

Having said that, let us take a look at what are the different types of curtains that you can choose from while redoing your space.

Box Pleated Curtains

If you are looking to give your space a simple, formal look, box pleated curtains would just be fine. With a tailored look and drapes that have deep folds down the full length of the curtains, box pleated curtains are ideal for more formal rooms like the lounge, dining or study.

Rod Pocket Curtains

These curtain-types need a slender curtain rod that can be used to easily put in the hooks that come attached to the curtain sets. Made of a net or lightweight materials, these types of draperies are usually placed in spaces where the curtains are not opened and closed very frequently.

Pinch Pleated Curtains

If you are looking for a curtain that has a decorative finish, the pinch pleated drapery should be the one you must be looking at. With a decorative finish, this curtain comes with a many as five-finger pinch pleats. The more the pleats, the more the size and fullness of the curtain. However, this form of drapery can be done on most fabric types.

Choose from a range of curtains that are designed for doors, windows, french windows and even shower doors. You can also choose from an assortment of materials such as cotton, net, polycotton, velvet, tissue, silk and more. Available in a range of patterns, colours, and styles, you can buy your preferred style of curtains online from a reliable e-commerce website at great discounts and prices. 

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