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    Window & Door Curtains Online: The Soul Of The Household

    Very few things differentiate a home from a house. A house is a place of residence, a home however, is a place to reside in. It has a soul, a place of personal comfort and a place for rejuvenation. 

    A lot of little personal effects help convert a house to a home. Little pillows, a small coffee table or some artwork.

    Window curtains are possibly one of the most unnoticed yet important parts of a home—it shields more than just extreme sunlight, it offers the home some privacy from unwanted glances. It adds a personal touch of color, or a particular trend that speaks to someone’s personality. It can even be a hiding spot for kids to play hide and seek with their parents.

    Window curtains are what protects those intimate moments between friends, loved ones and family from the rest of the world. They keep private moments private, while showcasing a personal message to guests lucky enough to get a glance into the inner sanctum that is a home.

    Window curtains can stand by themselves and fill out the rooms aesthetic or be paired with numerous curtain accessories. They are slowly becoming more and more common within various households. 

    Even the most plain kinds of window curtains can speak volumes of the person or people of the household. Take for example a simple pair of window curtains, add simple window curtain accessories like ribbons or rings and it becomes a very quiet statement piece for the room. 

    These window curtains come in various types and styles, they each have various purposes. Here are a few things to consider before venturing out to buy window curtains.


    Window curtains come in numerous styles, patterns and materials. 

    It is therefore, extremely important to understand the requirement. Keeping in mind the environment will help decide the material. It is also very important to consider the theme of each room before choosing the style of curtains. 

    Finally it is important to consider those residing in the household. Taking these into consideration will help identify the purpose for each set of window curtains in each room. 

    The ville style polyester green floral eyelet window curtains are perfect for a study. They add color, blackout the unwanted light and create a somber and sophisticated ambience that is the perfect setting to delve oneself into a book.


    Window curtains can range from sheer curtains to blackout curtains. It is important to keep in mind that transparency dictates the flow of light into the room, keeping the overall aesthetic of the room and requirement for natural light in mind is key when picking transparency.

    The kind of room is also a key factor. Blackout curtains from brands like Story@Home are meant to block out all light and grant complete privacy, the Story@Home silk gold solid eyelet window curtains would be a perfect one for the bedroom. 

    The Super India polyester green self curtain design eyelet door and window curtains is perfect for french doors at a living room, they shield the room from excessive sunlight and only allow in the required amount of natural light.

    One may find vast selection of curtains online, ensure due diligence is done before committing to a purchase. Compare prices and styles of curtains online.

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