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Accessorising a house turns it into a warm, inviting home that your guests would love to visit again. Bed covers and sofa covers are essential, surely. But often the cherry on the cake are the fluffy cushions we all love. Find an exciting variety of bright, colourful cushions in a myriad of quirky patterns on Flipkart by leading names in the market at prices starting from 86 Rupees only. Choose from bed/sofa cushions, floor cushions and chair cushions. This information is updated on 03-Jul-22.


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  1. Rs. 199
  2. Rs. 245
  3. Rs. 499
  4. Rs. 399
  5. Rs. 999
  6. Rs. 249
  7. Rs. 314
  8. Rs. 999
  9. Rs. 398
  10. Rs. 189
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Cushions & Pillows

Buy Stylish and Comfortable Cushions Online

The cushions in your home are a reflection of your lifestyle and your sense of aesthetics. They can easily add color and functionality to a space. With floor packs, you also get additional seating space at home. If you’re planning to buy some new home furnishings, you have probably come to the right place. They come in different types to fit your individual requirements. From heart-shaped designs to round-shaped designs, you can buy all types of sofa cushions for you home. They can be placed on your bed, sofa or in your car. They not just add a stylish touch to your space, but also offer good support to your back while sitting. Choosing new home furnishings might be an overwhelming task as you have to go through a vast range of choices. But we are here to help you with just that. Trusted brands like Aayat Kids, Aura Home Fashion, AMZ shoppers, Apricot Home Decor and Recron Certified have different types of pads and pillows to choose from.

A few products that you can find in online stores:

a) Flipkart SmartBuy Back Microfibre Stripes Cushions (Pack of 5)

b) Oasis Cotton Floral Chair Pad (Pack of 1)

c) Shriram enterprises Microfibre Smiley Cushions (Pack of 4)

d) La Verne Microfibre Stripes Cushions (Pack of 2)

e) StyBuzz Polyester Fibre Solid Cushion (Pack of 1)

Cushions for Your Sofa

Your sofa is probably the focal point of your home. The right home furnishings can easily elevate the look of your living room. They can add the right theme and mood to your home. You can buy round-shaped or square-shaped pillows for your sofa. They look great when you use the right covers on them. They are usually made from different types of foam, such as moulded foam, hollowfill foam and feather. Pillows that are made from moulded foam are usually firm and they don’t need much maintenance. They provide great support to your back when you sit. On the other hand, pillows that are made from hollowfill fibre are usually soft and squashy. They are extremely comfortable if you want to take a nap on your sofa. Feather pillows are probably the softest ones you’ll ever find. They can offer a cozy seating experience.

Cushions for Your Bed

When it comes to your bed, we want everything to be soft and comfortable. Online stores can help you add the desired look and feel to your bed. The right pillows can instantly transform the look of your bedroom. You can also buy bolsters for your home that can act as your baby’s crib bumpers. These functional pillows are ideal for people who have little kids at home.

Cushions for Your Chair

Almost all houses have an old recliner or a chair that has been passed down for generations. This particular piece of furniture is usually quite close to your heart. If you love reading books or sipping your morning cup of tea while sitting on this chair, you may want to make it feel more comfortable by adding the right cushion to it. So, why wait? Buy stylish and cozy cushions from online stores today.

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Question and Answers

  1. Q.Why are cushions used?
    A.Different cushion types are used for seating purposes. The seating cushion varieties provide an upright posture whilst sitting or lounging. The décor cushion varieties are used as furnishings.
  2. Q.What are different cushion varieties used for seating purposes?
    A.Some cushion varieties are available: chair, bench, rocking chair, chaise, window seat, deep seater, church pew, etc. They may be used in different positions and furniture types.
  3. Q.What are the different filling materials used in cushion varieties?
    A.Cotton, microfiber, wool, feathers, foam, polyester beads, etc., are the various filling materials used—the type of filling material influences the cost of the cushion varieties.
  4. Q.What are the different outer materials used to make cushion varieties?
    A.Velvet, cotton, polyester, jute, etc., are some materials used to make the seating cushion varieties. Satin, silk, velvet, cotton, polyester, fur, etc., are some materials used in the décor cushion varieties.
  5. Q.What are some patterns available in the seating cushion varieties online?
    A.Depending on the cushioned furniture, the patterns differ like square, round, rectangle, etc. There are solid, striped, polka dots, abstract, geometric, star, animal, and more prints available.
  6. Q.What are the different patterns available in the décor cushion varieties?
    A.Various shapes like heart, round, oval, square, flower, etc., may be obtained in the furnishing cushion types. Different designs like flowers, smileys, romantic quotes, butterflies, animals, fruits, etc., are available in the décor types.
  7. Q.What is the price range of cushions available online?
    A.The cost of the décor cushion varieties ranges between Rs. 82/- to Rs. 3,349/- for a single piece, and seating cushion varieties range between Rs. 125/- to Rs. 12,544/- for a single cushion.
  8. Q.Are there décor cushions available with kids' themes?
    A.Different cartoon themes like Mickey Mouse, Frozen princess, Spiderman, Barbie, smiley faces, Looney Tunes, etc., are available in the décor types.
  9. Q.Which brands manufacture various cushions online?
    A.Accent Home, Anee The World, Amazing Rashi Stores, Cortina, Diamond, etc., are some brands that sell cushion varieties.
  10. Q.What closure options are available in the cushion varieties?
    A.There are zip closures or string tie-up closures available in the cushion varieties.
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