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Cushions & Pillows

The Talk of the Pillows

The usage of pillows dates back to the civilization of Mesopotamia around 7000 BC, where they were used by the wealthiest of people. Ancient Egyptian pillows were usually made out of wood or stone. Their main function was to prevent insects from crawling into the ears of the people who used them. Even the Chinese decorated their pillows exquisitely but they were still made of stone, bronze, porcelain, or wood.  
Ancient Greeks and Romans stuffed their pillows with cotton, reeds, or straw. These were on the path towards modern day pillows.
Cushions, pillows and covers have become a way of showcasing one’s taste and preferences. They have become an essential part of home furnishing.   
Bed pillows are evolving every day. We can help you find the right one to sleep tight. 

1. Feather Pillows

If you’re looking for comfort, softness and support, feather pillows are the best. The feathers in high quality pillows are very small and highly curled. They are durable, lightweight and flexible.
Down Pillows:
These are the softest and gentlest pillows you’ll ever find. Down comes from a bird’s fluffy undercoat. They are soft, supple and are the epitome of luxury. Though these are fluffy and cozy, they are usually not meant to provide support.   

2. Memory Foam Pillows

These pillows adjust to your individual shape during the night, which allows your neck, head and shoulders to rest in a natural position. They bounce back to their original shape at different speeds.  

3. Neck Pillow

Neck Pillows are specially designed to support your spine in a way that positions your head and neck for a comfortable sleep. 

4. Wedge Pillows 

These are triangular in shape and can be used to support different areas of your body. These pillows are made of foam, polyester fiber-fill or in a combination of both. They help ease acid reflux if you use them to prop your upper body and are also great for reading. 

5. Microbead Pillows 

Pillows made up of tiny beads called unexpanded polystyrene are called Micro-Bead Pillows. Travel pillows are usually made up of microbeads as these provide hard support.

6. Sleep Apnea Pillows

These pillows are specially designed to accommodate the tubes and cords of the CPAP machine that is used by most people who have sleep apnea. Sleep APnea Pillows are made up of polyester fiber-fill or foam.  

7. Lumbar Pillows

Lumbar Pillows are excellent for people with lower back pain. They provide support just above the lumbar area, which allows the lower back to relax naturally. 

8. Buckwheat Pillows

These pillows are filled with husks from buckwheat seeds. If you want to go natural with your choice of pillows, these are a good choice. They provide hard support. 
Cushion pillows and covers are available in a variety of colours and designs online. You can choose from a wide range of sofa pillow covers in ethnic designs, wacky phrases and superhero designs. You can check and compare pillow prices online before buying them. 

Now you can buy pillows online from brands like Recron, Sleepwell, Kurl on etc depending on the filling, size, type and price, and place an order. Add a few pillows to your bedroom and living room, and give your home a cosy appeal.

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Question and Answers

  1. Q.Why do we need pillows?
    A.Pillows are essential as they support your head and neck during sleep. Using a too soft pillow can also strain your neck muscles and decrease the blood flow to your head.
  2. Q.What makes a good pillow?
    A.A good pillow helps us have a good sleep. Pillows play an important role in putting you to sleep after a tiring day, and a soft, comfy pillow is a must for a relaxing sleep.
  3. Q.What is an Orthopaedic pillow?
    A.This pillow makes sure that the user's body is in a good and proper position while sleeping. It helps to align the upper body, such as the neck, shoulder, head and back, preventing the body from getting stiffness on neck and back pain.
  4. Q.What types of pillows are available?
    A.There are different types of pillows available online- Memory foam pillows, Latex pillows, Down pillows, Feather pillows, Poly-fill pillows, and Innerspring pillows.
  5. Q.Do pillows have sizes?
    A.Yes, there are different sizes of pillows available online. They are King sized pillows which measure 20X36, Queen sized pillows that measure 20X30, and Travel pillows that measure 12X16.
  6. Q.How should I select my pillow?
    A.Always keep a few things in mind while choosing your pillow: Don't buy a pillow which is too small or too big for your bed in your room. Choose the pillow based on the support you are looking for. Check if you are allergic to pillow stuffing and materials. There are many options for pillow shapes and designs available to choose the perfect one for you. The right type of pillow always improves the quality of your sleep.
  7. Q.What are different pillow fillings available?
    A.The different fillings for Pillows available are cotton, wool, down and feather and polyfill.
  8. Q.Can I buy pillows online?
    A.Yes, you can buy your favourite pillows online.
  9. Q.What brand of pillows are available?
    A.Various brands like Kurlon, Bombay Dyeing, and Sleepwell, among other reputed names available online.
  10. Q.Can I get pillows in sets?
    A.Yes, you can get these in a pack of two, four, five, six seven, etc
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