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    Looking at the range of carpets and rugs sold online, many people wonder why they need to buy them in the first place. You can understand the reason pretty well if you have lived in a house with a marble or tile floor. Simply having a soft mattress , or an upholstered couch with soft cushions is not enough to make your home comfortable. Floor carpets play a big role in enhancing the cosiness factor too. When the seasons change and the winter and rainy days are upon us, it becomes difficult to keep our feet warm. These floor rugs are the ones that provide warmth and take care of our feet.

    Floor carpets allow you more room to be creative while decorating. You don’t need to change your furniture or the entire theme of your room, which can be an expensive affair, to enhance the look of your space. The trick is to place colourful rugs around the house to bring about a difference. It will not only prevent your feet from touching the ground, but also add a fresh look to your interiors. You can buy different varieties of rugs and carpets online easily. But make sure you know which type you want before making the purchase.

    Types of Carpets Online

    Floor Carpets - This type comes in more than one design. There are the wall-to-wall floor coverings that are mostly seen in commercial places. Then there are the Indian-style floor coverings that are rectangular in shape and are placed right in the centre of your room or on the floor space in front of your sofa. And then, there are the circular ones which are mostly used for decorative purposes and can be placed wherever you see fit.

    Floor Runners - These are the long, rectangular-shaped floor coverings that are usually placed on one side of your bed and near your kitchen counter to keep your feet warm.

    Rugs - These are placed on the doorway to wipe your feet in order to keep the house clean. But just because they stay near the door doesn’t mean they can’t be decorative. These small floor coverings can help you add colour to your living area. Choose bright colors to add fun accents and patterns to your home.

    How to Choose the Right Floor Carpet Online?

    Material - Keeping functionality in mind, the first thing to consider is the material. You need to select one that is soft and durable at the same time. Most commonly bought floor coverings are made of nylon as it is long lasting and wear-and-tear resistant. Other materials include wool, olefin, polyester, acrylic and blends.

    Design & Colour - These two go hand in hand. If you like contrast decorations then tangy, orangey shades and royal colours will liven up the space. But if subtlety is your style, then different shades of the same colour will give a tasteful look to your rooms. Once you select the colours, you can check out the patterns. There are abstract, floral, solid and traditional looking designs which you need to decide on keeping the theme of your room in mind.

    So, now that you know what to look for, buying rugs & floor carpets online will be a piece of cake. Place your order for the ones you like and it will get delivered to your house.

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