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Buy carpets, rugs and mats online:

Floor coverings including carpets, rugs  and mats add to the appearance of the floor and the house in addition to protecting the floor from damages and stains. A variety of carpets and rugs are available online at low prices that, when used at home, add the extra colour to your walls and floor and add a level of comfort while walking over it. Some of the most trusted brands like HomeShop, Home Living, Ridhi Sidhi Collection, Amit Carpet have a deluge of various designs and colour under carpets, rugs and mats that will leave you spoilt for choice.


Attractive door mats and floor mats for your home:

Door mats that look great are perfect to impress guests coming to your home. A wide variety of 'Welcome' mats are available in different colours and designs that make the front portion of your home look very much welcoming. You can buy coir mats, cotton mats, rubber mats or any other material that can withstand the rain and heat outside and still remain undamaged and intact. They are used by people to dust off their feet before entering your home, and hence they should be easily washable too. Apart from these mats that you place outside your front door, you also use a number of door mats within your house to place in front of the washroom door and at the entrance of each room. You can pick leather door mats, bamboo door mats or nylon mats for the washroom entrances from Amit Carpet, Saral Home, Ritika Carpets or the like. Based on the colour of your wall, choose your mat colour and design. Go for a light green rubber front door mat if you have white doors. Go for red coloured velvet door mats for your bedroom entrances if you have brown doors and white walls. Depending on the colour of your furniture, go for your floor mat colours.


 Lovely carpets and rugs to add colour & comfort to your home:

There are a wide variety of rugs and carpets available online for you to choose, and they should depend on factors like comfort, cleaning effort, cost and more. Pick a blue nylon carpet/floor mat for your kitchen floor if you have grey kitchen cabins. You can also go for a beige carpet in this case. Go for an orange woolen carpet from Loom Kart and place it in your bedroom so that it throws a lot of brightness and colour to your room. You can use a vacuum cleaner to easily clean the carpets and rugs. If you are someone who likes to keep it mellowed down, go for a lavender wool carpet from Presto Bazaar fro your bedroom, which has lavender curtains to go with. You can go for a gold or red velvet carpet from Home Best or Supreme Home Collection for your seating area.


Do You Need Floor Coverings and Carpet Flooring for Your Home:

As stated previously, your floor will be most prone to wear and tear in your house. This is primarily because everything else in the house, directly or indirectly, rests on the floor. For instance, If you’ve kept a heavy item on your table, the effect of that heavy item falls on the table, which rests on the floor. So, you need to consider such things as well while making a buying decision for floor coverings. Let’s see how you can choose floor coverings for your home:

How to Pick the Best Flooring Mats:

For Your Living Room:

Complete your living room with carpets and mats. Say, you’ve picked out bean bags for your living room to go for a casual feel. By just adding a carpet to the room you can give it a sense of elegance. This is especially a good choice if you are staying at a temporary place and you wouldn’t want to be extravagant when it comes to your sofa sets and furniture. You can go minimal on the other home furnishing, but invest in good floor coverings. What’s more, you ask? If you are going to be shifting your home soon, then you can be assured that this carpet will perfectly complement the living room in your new home.

Door Mats:

You’d have noticed several homes which have doormats outside their main doors. And if you would have observed, they usually have “welcome” written on them. This mainly attributes to the fact that Indians consider their guests as godly. So, many Indian homes have welcome mats to greet the guests coming home. You can buy these welcome mats from Supreme Home Collective and Status. In case you don’t like such mats for your main door, then you can select other mats which come with graphic patterns, colors, textures and designs from popular brands, such as Nostaljia, JUSTWAY, IWS and much more.

It is not just for your guests that people keep mats outside their main doors.According to Feng Shui, it is believed that the right doormat welcomes chi, a vital force in the traditional Chinese culture. If you are a believer in Feng Shui, then you’d have to carefully pick out your preference from the options available online.  

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