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    Whirlpool, an American Fortune 500 company, has a history of more than 100 years in manufacturing and marketing major and small home appliances like refrigerators, washing machines and air conditioners. All of their products strike the perfect balance between cutting-edge design, technological excellence and smart innovation. This balance is particularly evident in Whirlpool’s air conditioners.

    Why buy Whirlpool air conditioners?

    With a market presence in 170 countries, Whirlpool’s air conditioners are an ideal combination of luxury, high quality and modern design. Whirlpool air conditioners can be divided into two types - split and window. These energy-efficient air conditioners are rich in features like the 6th Sense Power Saver and 6th Sense Fast Cool technologies that will help you save your energy bills. 

    Types of Whirlpool air conditioners

    As mentioned before, you can find two types of Whirlpool air conditioners on online shopping portals viz., the split and the window air conditioners. The split air conditioners from Whirlpool feature dual fan compressor technology, Climate Control technology and 3D Cool Xtreme Performance technology for fast and uniform cooling. The Whirlpool air conditioners are also fitted with a Japanese compressor. Moreover, they are equipped with two different units that have large capacity and are ideal to be used in both corporate offices and spacious rooms in your house. 

    The Whirlpool window air conditioners help keep high temperatures down with the Turbo Cool function and MPFI (Multi Port Fluid Injection) technology. These types of air conditioners come with a single unit and are ideal to be used in small rooms and houses. 

    Types of technologies used in Whirlpool air conditioners

    To provide you with super-fast cooling, as well as help you save power, these air conditioners come equipped with various technologies. Some of these are mentioned in detail below:

    6th Sense PowerSaver Technology

    The innovative technology automatically senses the room temperature and accordingly adjusts the AC compressor to delivers optimum cooling, while consuming very less energy.

    6th Sense FastCool Technology 

    Equipped with this technology, the Whirlpool air conditioners are pre-programmed with fast forward cooling switches to immediately put the AC into action and quickly bring the temperature of the room down. 

    Dual Fan Compressor Technology

    This technology helps in boosting the performance of the compressor with the help of two fans. Moreover, this technology also counters voltage fluctuations and optimises the energy consumption.

    Climate Control Technology

    Equipped with 4 pre-programmed settings on the remote, Whirlpool air conditioners featuring this technology optimise the temperature, humidity, airflow and compressor efficiency according to the temperature level.

    Whirlpool AC 3D Cool Technology

    With its 3 dimensional air intake, this technology helps in dispelling the hot air inside the room faster than a normal AC. This leads to fast cooling, high heat exchange efficiency and more power saving.

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