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    Dust particles have a way of getting into your house, your car and any other living area in general. No matter how smart you get trying different ways to keep them out, they will still manage to sneak in and settle down on your expensive furniture sets, your TV unit , your kitchen counter and every other open space they find. So how to get rid of them? The best solution is to buy a vacuum cleaner online. There’s nothing that will help you get rid of dust from your house permanently. But, these cleaners can remove them from your house and keep it clean.

    Why do you need to buy vacuum cleaners?

    Because no one wants to spend their entire weekend tidying up their house or car. Most of us don’t get time to dust off the shelves or furniture on weekdays. And that gives enough time to the dust particles to not only settle down but also form a thick layer on different surfaces. Cleaning them to remove the traces of dust can take an entire day if you don’t use vacuum cleaners. Plus, it’s also helpful for people suffering from dust allergies and asthma. It sucks the dust in without letting them spread in the air. This keeps the air clean and safe to breathe in.

    Top vacuum cleaner prices

    Popular Vacuum Cleaner PricePrices
    Eureka Forbes Rapid Hand-held Vacuum Cleaner₹2,049
    Kent KC-B502 Bed & upholstry Hand-held Vacuum Cleaner₹2,725
    Euroclean Eureka Forbes LiteVac Dry Vacuum Cleaner₹1,999
    Skyline Vt999 Dry Vacuum Cleaner₹2,899
    Eureka Forbes Trendy Nano Dry Vacuum Cleaner₹3,770
    Euroclean Eureka Forbes Bravo Hand-held Vacuum Cleaner₹4,270
    Inalsa Duo Clean Hand-held Vacuum Cleaner₹3,295
    Eureka Forbes Easy Clean Plus Hand-held Vacuum Cleaner₹2,999
    Skyline Skyline VTL 7002 Hand-held Vacuum Cleaner₹1,399
    Philips FC8474 Dry Vacuum Cleaner₹11,989

    Which Vacuum Cleaners to Buy?

    The answer to this question would be to understand your needs. Most of the times, the easiest way to select a model is to know where and when you would be using it. The following list will help you buy the right model.

    Know the types - There are several types of vacuum cleaners online. The hand-held design that allows you to carry the gadget with you to every corner and remove the dust, the wet & dry cleaners that come with multiple fixtures to clean any type of mess, the robotic floor cleaners that is remote controlled and cleans the floor on its own, and the cordless type which doesn’t have a wire hanging from its back while you are cleaning. Another type is the car vacuum cleaner which is specially designed for tidying up the interiors of your vehicle.

    Check the Brand - Not every brand provides all the types mentioned above. So once you decide the type that suits your needs, go ahead and browse through the collection online to know which brand offers you the one you are looking for. Brands such as Black & Decker, Philips, Eureka Forbes, Russell Hobbs, BOSCH, Skyline and Panasonic are the most popular ones. But there are other widely selling and trusted brands too.

    Check the Features - Some of these models can be really heavy, so it’s important that you check the features before buying. Make sure they have wheel support, a blower, a strong motor, a bigger bowl, filters, suction power and a long cord.

    Once you have checked the features, the brand and the types, compare the vacuum cleaner prices and see which one falls in your budget. It’s easier to buy vacuum cleaners online than from a shop as it doesn’t involve you carrying the gadget home. So use this home appliance and keep your house spic and span at all times.

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