Shifted to a new location where there is a severe power supply problem? Now that you came to know about it only after shifting, nothing can be done except that you have to try and live with it. Even though you can adjust to the power cuts and voltage fluctuations, your home appliances may not. Your TV, fridge or AC may not be equipped to counter the variations in the power supply and this can cause serious damage to them. So you have got to do something to ensure the life of the appliances otherwise you will have to wait for the next season and buy brand new appliances. Voltage stabilizers offer a solution to this problem as they are equipped to help check the fluctuations and will not let the appliances feel the variations. But before, you set out to buy a voltage stabilizer, you should know more about them and understand and how to choose one that is ideal for the appliance. The following pointers will provide you with an overview about voltage stabilizers.

    What does a voltage stabilizer do?

    As the name suggests, a voltage stabilizer stabilises the voltage if there in any fluctuation. It also brings the voltage down to the desired range which is suitable for the appliance. It does so by using electromagnetic regulators that taps changes to auto transformers.

    What are the different types of stabilizers?

    Specific type of stabilizers is available to use with each appliance. You should select a stabilizer according to the appliance it going to be used with.    

    Single-phase and three-phase are available according to the capacity required. While single-phase is required for domestic appliances, three-phase is only need with high-power motors.

    Digital stabilizer – Equipped with a high voltage cut off, these are ideal for TVs.

    For TV/music system – These stabilizers feature an auto restart function to help restart after an interruption in the power supply.

    For refrigerator – These have inbuilt thermal overload protection to protect both the appliances and the stabilizers from high temperature burn out.

    For AC – A time delay system is present in these stabilizers to give the compressor time to balance between power cuts.

    For washing machines/treadmill – With a rush current ability to advance the current flow, stabilisers for washing machines and treadmills are power efficient.

    Buy voltage stabilizers online

    After deciding to get a voltage stabilizer, you don’t have to visit the home appliance store to do the same. Buy voltage stabilizers online from shopping websites. It is easy, hassle-free and the product will even be delivered to your home.  


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