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Washing Machines: A Home Pre-requisite

Who enjoys doing laundry? Who enjoys going to the laundry? Well, if there is a pile of dirty clothes lying in your house, that only keeps growing every passing day, it’s time you did yourself and your family a favour by investing in a washing machine! Don’t own one? You’re missing out on a wonderful home appliance that can truly transform your lifestyle! Time saving and hugely resourceful, a washing machine is probably one of the top most recommendations when it comes to practical home solutions. Watch your favourite show uninterrupted or finish that cup of evening tea while your washing machine wraps up its job independently, in no time! 

There are endless choices and brands out there for you to choose. Confused about what to get? Let us take you through our best-selling ones! We leave the final choice to you. 


IFB 6.5 kg Fully Automatic Top Load Washing Machine 

This fully automatic washing machine will prove to be a great investment for your home! Equipped with Aqua Spa Therapy, this machine gently cleanses the most stubborn of stains from clothes, without damaging them. Its Aqua Energie mechanism ensures the detergent seeps into your clothes as deep as possible by energizing the water, resulting in clothes as fresh as they can get. This IFB washing machine is super resourceful too. It senses the laundry load and decides water requirement, number of rinse cycles and washing time, helping you save on electricity and water. The crescent shaped grooves in the machine make for gentle cushions of water ensuring your clothes do not get stuck in the holes. 

LG 6.5 kg Semi Automatic Top Load Washing Machine 

Power-packed with dozens of super handy features, this LG washing machine is easily one of the best out there. Would you not love custom washing your clothes? Choose how you want your clothes washed based on their fabric and dirt level. The gentle mode is for delicates, choose the normal programme for clothes you wear regularly and heavy wash mode for heavily soiled clothes. It’s not easy to scrub dirt off collars. With LG’s unique collar scrubber, your clothes will come out with squeaky clean collars, trust us! With the help of Roller Jet Pulsator Technology, the rollers of its pulsator create friction between your clothes, cleaning each and every corner of your laundry pile effectively. What more, this semi automatic washing machine comes with lint filters that keep your machine hygienic at all times by collecting all the lint from your clothes after they have been washed. Rest assured, your clothes will always be washed in clean conditions!


Samsung 6 kg Fully Automatic Front Load Washing Machine 

Samsung is known to churn out some of the most resourceful washing machines in the market. With this fully automatic 6 kg washing machine, don’t allow power fluctuations to come in the way of your laundry time. Thanks to its Volt Control Technology, this machine works perfectly even in low voltage and high levels of shock. Its super efficient ceramic heaters prevent the build-up of calcium in the machine making it one of the most long-lasting and durable options for you out there. With small holes in its diamond-shaped depressions, your favourite clothes will never get entangled or damaged in the process. This Samsung washing machine also does a great job in keeping bacteria away from your clothes. Adopting the time-tested tradition of silver, it’s ‘silver wash’ ensures your clothes are completely free of mould. 

Midea 7 kg Fully Automatic Front Load Washing Machine

A Flipkart exclusive, this front load washing machine, with its 23 wash programmes is truly one of a kind! The prewash feature, that runs an extra wash before the main wash, makes cleaning heavily soiled clothes easier. The prewash function efficiently extends the life of your clothes. Another notable feature is the extra rinse after the main wash that strips your clothes off of any leftover soap, leaving your clothes spick and span! With an antibacterial gasket, there is no chance of formation of any kind of mould in your machine. Rest assured, your clothes will always get cleaned in hygienic conditions! We believe this Midea washing machine can prove to be just the kind you’re looking for! Go for it.

Whirlpool 6.5 kg Fully Automatic Top Load Washing Machine

The undisputed king of machine machines, Whirphool will never fail you when it comes to cleaning clothes! This intelligent fully automatic washing machine comes with 3D spring scrub pads that retains the colour and quality of your clothes while it removes stubborn stains. An Express Wash function that facilitates 50 percent quicker washing speed on all programmes is also available to you. Water pressure low at home? Not a problem! This Whirpool washing machine comes with ZPF technology that fills up the tub super fast even when water pressure at home is as low as 0.017 MPa. With Detergent Savings, this machine will help determine the quantity of detergent needed depending upon fabric type and load. Other prominent features are Smart Diagnostics that monitors power usage, Smart Lint Filter which helps in removing any leftover lint from your clothes and Dynamix Technology that ensures proper mixing of detergent while removing all traces of soap residue on your clothes. If time-saving features is what you’re looking at, this Whirpool machine is your best bet!


Get the best washing machines in India

You can find the best washing machines in India sold at affordable prices online. Washing machines are an essential appliance in every household. These machines are available in various types for washing clothes such as tumble, pulsator, agitator, impeller, and more. Some machines with advanced technical features have an inbuilt wifi, inverter, heater, digital display, scrub technology, and a host of other amazing features to enable easy, quick, and clean washing. Many brands such as Bosch, Toshiba, Croma, Lloyd, Samsung, etc., offer the best washing machines online at reasonable prices. You can shop and place your order to meet your requirements.

Buy washing machines online

Moving and setting up bulky pieces of appliances could be challenging, which is why you should buy them online and get them delivered and installed by professionals! We host only the most reliable names in the market when it comes to washing machines: LG, MarQ, Bosch, Haier, Samsung, Whirpool, IFB, Midea, Godrej among many more game changers. Top load and front load washing machines or full automatic and semi automatic washing machines: we cater to every need and budget! What with our year-long exciting shopping fests, you will not be able to resist picking up one! Happy shopping!


Procure the Best Washing Machines in India

A number of sellers offer the best washing machines in India at affordable prices and discounts.

Best Fully Automatic Washing Machine

Purchase a (best) fully automatic washing machine to wash your clothes in all weather conditions.

Best Semi-Automatic Washing Machine

Looking for cheaper alternatives to an automatic washing machine? Then check out the best semi-automatic washing machine that requires manual intervention to facilitate the automated process. 

Best Washing Machine

Get your home the best washing machine with amazing features and inbuilt technologies at a lucrative price.

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Question and Answers

  1. Q.What are the types of fully automatic washing machines available here?
    A.Browse through plenty of fully automatic front and top load washing machines here. You can even find automatic washing machines with a dryer or choose semi-automatic ones.
  2. Q.Can I find automatic washing machines that are ideal for bachelors?
    A.Yes. There is a wide range of small washing machines with a capacity of 7 kg and below available here. 
  3. Q.What is the ideal capacity of washing machines for large families?
    A.Washing machines with a capacity of 8 kg and above are ideal for large families. You can easily check the product description to learn about the capacity of a washing machine.
  4. Q.Which washing systems can I find in front load washing machines?

    Explore fully automatic front load washing machines with washing systems like agitator, impeller, pulsator, and tumble.

  5. Q.Do fully automatic top load washing machines come with a separate drum for drying?
    A.Most fully automatic top load washing machines wash, rinse, and dry clothes in the same drum. Refer to the product details to check if the machine has this feature.
  6. Q.Which brands offer automatic washing machines here?
    A.Explore brands like IFB, Samsung, Whirlpool, LG, Panasonic, etc., and order the ideal washing machine for your home.
  7. Q.Are there any five-star fully automatic washing machines?
    A.Yes. The Onida T70CGN has a five-star energy efficiency rating with a power requirement of 230 V. You can even check out other five-star rated models here.
  8. Q.What are the features of Bosch WAJ2426MIN?
    A.The Bosch WAJ2426MIN has an LED display with up to 15 wash programs. The in-built heater allows for germ and allergen-free washes. Check the product description to learn more about its features.
  9. Q.Do washing machines dry clothes faster?
    A.Yes, they are equipped with a spin motor that moves at a very high speed and thus dries your clothes faster than squeezing them manually.
  10. Q.Is the 5-star washing machine better than the 3-star?
    A.The higher the star rating of the washing machine, the higher the energy saving. The price of a washing machine rated five stars depends on its advantages.
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