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    There’s no denying to the fact that we all hate doing laundry. We’ll obsess over a book, rearranging a folder on a hard drive or completing an entire season in one stretch, but forget about the laundry pile up in the big basket for weeks. There’s no need to worry, as you are not alone. We all have been there, done that. But some day, we need to face that big pile of dirty laundry. Often, we end up convincing ourself that it’s okay to spend a few extra bucks at the laundry shop and get our clothes washed. The problem is not this, the problem arises when this becomes a habit, and week after week you end up at the laundry store. Before you get there, make sure you think smart and act smart - buy a washing machine online.

    With a high-performance washing machine at home, you can get done with your laundry without over stressing or cribbing about it. Enjoy your cup of tea or binge watch your favorite TV show as the washing machine does what it does best - removes dirt and gives you fresher, cleaner clothes. To help you choose the best washing machine, we bring to you a list of best-selling washing machines that are available online:

    The LG 6.2 kg Fully Automatic Washing Machine

    The LG  washing machine fully automatic, with the Unique Turbo Drum technology, knows how to care for your clothes. Its dual-direction rotating drum reduces tangling of clothes and gives you the perfect wash. Wash your weeks long laundry effortlessly with this 6.2 kg top-loading washing machine. 

    Haier 7 kg Fully Automatic Washing Machine

    If you live in a multi-storey apartment, then we’re sure you face problems with water pressure, and especially very low water pressure. With the Haier fully automatic front load washing machine, you don’t have to worry about low water pressure as it can work even when the water pressure is as low as 0.0001 Mpa, thanks to the Near Zero Pressure feature. This 7 kg washing machine also comes with an Air Dry System which dries your clothes quickly depending upon your requirement.

    Onida 6.8 kg Semi-automatic Washing Machine


    If you want a hand-wash like cleaning, then this semi automatic top load washing machine from Onida is what you need. With a capacity of 6.8 kg, this washing machine with an anti-rust fibre body comes with an in-built brush and two wash programs.

    Whirlpool 6.2 kg Semi-automatic Washing Machine

    This washing machine comes with a Smart Scrub Station which allows you to stand comfortably and scrub the clothes before you put them inside the tub. It also features a 340 W motor which is powerful enough to give you cleaner, fresher clothes effortlessly.

    So what are you waiting for? Log on to your favourite estore and buy branded  washing machine like LG,IFB,Haier,Onida,Samsung ,whirlpool ,Panasonic ,Bosch ,BPL Depending on your busy schedules and budget, you can either choose a fully-automatic washing machine or a semi-automatic one.

    Latest washing machine prices

    Washing machine modelprice
    Samsung 6.2 kg Fully Automatic Top Load Washing Machine (WA62H4100HD)Rs.13,499
    IFB TL-RDW 6.5 kg Aqua Fully Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine (TL- RDW Aqua)Rs.15,999
    BPL 6.5 kg Fully Automatic Front Load Washing Machine (BFAFL65WX1)Rs.15,499
    IFB 8 kg Fully Automatic Front Load Washing Machine (Senator Aqua SX)Rs.33,999
    Panasonic 5.5 kg Fully Automatic Front Load Washing Machine (NA-855MC1W01)Rs.21,999
    Samsung 7 kg Fully Automatic Top Load Washing Machine (WA70K4020HL/TL)Rs.23,499
    IFB 6.5 kg Fully Automatic Front Load Washing Machine (Senorita Aqua SX - 6.5 KG)Rs.30,499
    Bosch 7 kg Fully Automatic Front Load Washing Machine (WAE 20261IN)Rs.36,399
    Whirlpool 6.5 kg Fully Automatic Top Load Washing Machine (WHITEMAGIC PREMIER 652SD 10YMW)Rs.15,499
    Onida 6 kg Fully Automatic Front Load Washing Machine Silver (WOF6510PS)Rs.20,999

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