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    The washing machine has become an indispensable appliance in today’s world. This useful, versatile appliance takes care of all your washing needs with the click of a button. You no longer need to spend time washing clothes or waste money by going to the laundry every now and then. You can wash your dirty laundry, bath towels, kitchen linen set, blankets, bed sheets and such. Apart from this it is a highly efficient appliance and consumes least amount of water and energy. Semi-automatic and automatic are the two types of washing machines with top loading and front loading being the top models. Whirlpool, one of the largest manufacturers of home appliances, believes in “Creating Happier Homes” and so constantly strives to give the best to its customers. Whirlpool washing machines are available under various models such as Full Automatic 360, Full Automatic (Top and Front Load) and Semi Automatic. These machines come with a wide range of features that is bound to give you clothes clean as as a whistle. They are priced economically and is available in various electronic stores, online stores and such.

    The features seen across these models include 6th Sense, Hot Catalytic Soak, H2 Low Shower, 6 Stage Stainwash Technology, Automatic In-built Heater, 6th Sense Hotwash, Multi Utility Tray, Various Wash Programmes, Express Wash, LCD Display, 6th Technology Tumble Care, Spa Wash System, Scrub Pads, Dynamic Soak and Prewash. The Catalytic Soak is one of the most useful and efficient feature seen in these machines, as they use only one-third of the water when compared to other washing machines. Also, the use of detergent is more efficient. Another feature, the 6th Sense Tumble Care Technology senses the condition of the laundry and automatically moves clothes in a unique 360 degree tumble motion thereby ensuring that every inch of the fabric is thoroughly and gently cleaned. Lastly, the Spa Wash System found in many models of Whirlpool washing machines ensure that clothes are given the cleanest and gentlest wash. This is achieved using the newly designed prime mover and drum combination. The drum features lesser holes, given clothes smoother wash and greatly reducing the lint generated during the wash cycle.

    Shopping for Whirlpool washing machines online is now easy, thanks to various e-commerce sites that offer a wide range of Whirlpool products. These sites offer the compare option where you can compare two or more models in terms of features, specifications and price. You can pick the one that matches your needs and budget and proceed to pay online using safe and secure payment options such as net banking and credit/debit card. You can also avail the cash on delivery option, if you are not comfortable in sharing your bank details online. These sites also offer easy return and replacement policies in case there is an issue with your purchase.    

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