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    A microwave oven is the perfect choice for people with busy lifestyles. It helps in saving time and prepares healthy and mouth-watering dishes in just minutes. While buying one, you need to consider factors like different types, capacity, features and such and then make a wise purchasing decision.

    There are many brands that manufacture, design and market microwave ovens and one such popular brand is Whirlpool. Whirlpool is a well-known home appliances  brand and has a huge product range that includes washing machines, refrigerators, microwave ovens, induction cooktops and such. The brand aims to provide products that are equipped with latest technologies in order to meet the expectations of millions of people.

    Whirlpool microwave ovens are available in three types, namely, solo, grill and convection range of microwave ovens.

    Whirlpool solo microwave ovens come with grill and convection combi cooking modes. You can delight your family with delicious food with their 93 auto cook recipes. Some models come with 245 mm large turntable that lets you reheat multiple food items in just one go. You can set the cooking time from ten different power levels. Thaw your frozen food quickly with a single touch.

    Whirlpool grill microwave ovens come with internal grills for browning and crisping your food items. This grilling function can bake your food items with much ease. From microwave to convection mode, microwave to grill mode and grill to convection mode, these ovens come with four different combi cooking modes. You can also set the cooking time by choosing different power levels. Auto-reheat feature helps in reheating the leftover food items.

    Whirlpool crisp range of ovens come with 6th Sense Weight Sensor that enables the oven to measure the weight of your food and this sensor automatically sets the cooking time. The Steam technology in some models help to steam food by choosing different cooking methods, time and power. The 3D Crisp technology comes with twin entry point to activate the grill function and with European Crisp Pan to heat up food within minutes. This European Crisp Pan comes with patented coating to create active cooking surface.

    Whirlpool crisp range of convection microwave ovens come equipped with the 6th Sense Crisp technology, which provides great cooking each time by understanding your various cooking needs. The grill heats up much faster than the conventional ovens to provide crispy results. You can bake delicious pastries and pies with the European Crisp Pan. This pan is also good for frying bacon, eggs, sausages and hamburgers. The crisp function quickly reheats and bake pizzas and other dough based dishes.

    Whirlpool convection range of ovens are helpful in preparing simple dishes to everyday meals, to reheating to baking cakes and chicken. They come with in-built fan that throws air to keep balanced level of temperature inside the oven. They also come with different power levels to help make cooking faster.

    You can buy Whirlpool microwave oven online from Flipkart. Shopping on Flipkart is easy, safe and hassle-free. To make the best buy, it also provides you the option of comparing between two or more models in terms of their features, specifications and price.

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