The Prestige brand is a subsidiary of the TTK Group which is a conglomerate that has a presence in consumer durables, pharmaceuticals and supplements, bio-medical devices, virtual assistants and health care services. TTK Prestige caters to the needs of home makers in order to make their work easier and to provide them with more time to do other things. These high quality products are designed to be innovative and durable. In India, Prestige is a trusted name for kitchen appliances and utensils like the Pressure Cookers, Non-stick Cookware, Electric Rice Cookers, LP Gas Stoves, Electric Kettles, Sandwich Toasters, Juicers, Mixer Grinders, hand blenders, Induction Cook Tops, Kitchen Chimneys with hoods and OTGs (oven toaster and grill combo).

    Prestige offers a wide product portfolio with many products to cover all aspects of the kitchen. Save valuable time by using the electric rice cooker to cook rice quickly and perfectly while freeing up the stove, which allows you to cook other dishes simultaneously. Use the sandwich maker, pop-up toaster and electric kettle to make an easy breakfast, so that you are ready to greet the day head on. The Prestige Induction Cook Top is ideal for modern homes which have uninterrupted power supply. The Induction Cook Top negates the reason to use a gas stove which uses LPG. Use the Mixer Grinder Juicer to make tasty food and fresh fruit juice for your family and friends quickly without creating a mess. Prestige products are made to meet international standards and if used correctly are very safe.

    Buy Prestige kitchen appliances online from Flipkart and have them delivered directly to your home. Pay online by using your credit or debit card through Flipkart's secure payment processing system or avail the cash on delivery option where you can pay cash when the product gets delivered.
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