Samsung is South Korea's largest multinational conglomerate and it is headquartered in Samsung Town, Seoul. Samsung comprises of numerous subsidiaries and has vested interests in information technology, shipbuilding, engineering and construction, weapons technology, life insurance and advertising. Samsung also makes a number of consumer goods for the general public ranging from mobile phones, smartphones, televisions, cameras, video players, refrigerators, air conditioners, memory cards and computers. Samsung mobiles and smart phones that run on Google's Android OS have become very popular and is the only challenger to the Apple iPhone.

    Samsung continues to innovate and create futuristic technologies that are capturing the imagination of the current and future generations. Samsung laptops are built to last and have been trusted by consumers for their durability and performance. Samsung makes computer and television screens for other reputed companies that use them in their products. When you buy a Samsung product, you get good value for your money as they have a superior build quality and technology when compared to other products in the market. These products are also designed to be energy efficient and will help you cut down on your energy bills.

    Samsung also works to serve the community by protecting the planet's resources, improving the environment and by making a difference in people's lives. Buy Samsung products online at Flipkart and have them delivered directly to your home, no matter how large they are. Make payment online with your credit or debit card by using Flipkart's secure payment processing system or avail the cash on delivery option and pay when you receive the order at home. Avail the 30 day refund or replacement policy if there is any problem with the Samsung product and enjoy a quick turnaround time for your problem.
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