Founded in the 1950s, a small engineering company back then, Voltas has since, grown into a large conglomerate that deals with not just engineering, they also deal in refrigeration and air conditioning. The company is based in Mumbai and undertakes the manufacture and service of air conditioning units, heating and cooling contracts, ventilation and water management and many other undertakings. Voltas manufactures a lot of appliances for home use and out of them all, their air conditioners are most popular. Voltas air conditioners are high quality cooling machines that use the latest in cooling technology for keeping your home in a pleasant and comfortable environment. Their air conditioners are also available for offices as well. Voltas is known world over for their cooling contracts such that major buildings around the world have been centrally air conditioned with Voltas units. Buy Voltas home and kitchen appliances from Flipkart and get a chance to browse through the extensive catalogue of Voltas units for both home and office. Select the right model for yourself after carefully going through the specifications and details of the model and order your Voltas equipment today. After placing theorder and confirming it, you can pay for the unit either with your Credit or Debit card, with the additional convenience of Net Banking being an alternate option for those who do not wish to have Card transactions. If you would rather prefer to pay for the products during the time of delivery, you can always choose the Cash or Card on delivery and experience the true comforts of online shopping through Flipkart. All transactions are safe and secure. If it is found that the products are defective, then refunds or replacements are possible provided that the conditions are met.
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