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Illuminate and elevate your space with the help of a beautiful table lamp. There’s a wide variety of lights you can choose from. How well-lit your space is, has a direct effect on your performance. Whether it’s your child’s desk or your home office, a large space or a small desk in the corner of your room, a table lamp for study will help you concentrate better by focusing proper light on the project you are working on. You can choose different shapes and sizes according to your preference. Choose sleek, lightweight, and contemporary designs. Recharge easily with the help of your cell phone adapter or the adapter with a USB output port. Some lanterns let you enjoy the convenience of adjusting the intensity of light and its shade. There are lanterns with mobile phone holders and pen stands. Light up your area with the classy country-style flashlight with conical shades. You can choose soft hues or bright colours. Notch up the ambiance of a special event like birthday parties or anniversaries with marquee alphabet-shaped LED lights. Bring a smile on your little one’s face with a cute rainbow-shaped flashing warm light. Brands like iDOLESHOP, Make Ur Wish, Satyam Kraft, Dev Export, Foziq, and others offer a wide range of table lamp(s) online. This information is updated on 07-Oct-22.

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Table Lamps – More Than Just Decorative Lighting

Most people look at table lamps and see them as more of an indulgence than a necessity. They’re not entirely wrong. The light emitted by these lamps isn’t necessarily bright enough to illuminate the entire room. Then again, their light isn’t so dim that you’d be able to sleep with your bedside lamp on. So why even bother with these decorative lights and lamps?

Scratch the surface and you’ll discover that table lamps do a lot more than merely serve a decorative purpose. Let’s begin this journey of exploring the world of decorative table lamps with this question, “what is the purpose of your purchase”? What do you expect to get out of your table lamps. 

The Types of Lighting That Table Lamps Offer


There are four main kinds of lighting with table lamps, ambient, task, accent, and decorative. Table lamps for the bedroom which offer ambient lighting illuminate light which is bright enough to light up the entire room. Task-lighting table lamps are designed for specific tasks such as reading. Accent lamps are typically smaller in size than the other types of table lamps and are the popular choice of ambient lighting when you want to create a romantic setting. Then you have decorative table lamps which, as the name suggests, are all about elevating the aesthetics of your home. 


The Proportion of Table Lamps Matters

Size matters, especially if it concerns decorating. Ideally, a table lamp should be in proportion to the room it is in and the table you’re placing it on. Another bonus tip – the best table lamps always have the right lamp shade to lamp base proportion.

An Abundance in the Variety or Styles of Table Lamps

What does your table lamp say about you? Does it reflect your love for all things minimalistic and modern-looking, or is it vibrant and colourful like your personality?

The fun doesn’t just stop at the style of table lamps. It continues with the addition of various features. For instance, there are bedside lamps which come with a built-in compartment for your stationery. Then you have battery-operated lamps which double as alarm clocks.

Table lamps add character to any space. Decorative mosaic table lamps which are bursting with color perfectly complement a rug or table cloth which is just as quirky as it is. If your home decor leans more on the contemporary side, table lamps which are marked by clean lines and a simplistic design should sit well with your leather couch or your well-polished bedside table. 

Buy Table Lamps Online

Online sites are your go-to for all things home decor and festive needs. Buy table lamps for the bedroom online to enjoy shopping luxuries such as checking out the types of lamps, their power source, and comparing the prices of these decorative lights and lamps. Online sites bring all sorts of lighting systems from brands such as Philips, Lal Haveli, Baja, ArtLights, Homesake, and Wipro into your living room. If you’re lucky, you may be able to revamp your home with the right lighting system at discounted prices. Get clicking!

Table Lamps Online, Study In Peace


It is most important to have the right kind of lamp in the right place for you to study. You can now light up any area in your home with stylish and functional modern table lamps. 


There are a vast collection of table lamps online that suits your requirement and budget. You have to keep in mind the purpose of the lamp—reading, studying, decoration or to provide a special kind of ambience to any area on your house. 


These table lamps are available in unique designs that give a contemporary look to any space. The light serves as the perfect setting ,for reading , lighting up, and as a backdrop or just to provide subtle radiance to room space. These table lamps online come in a range of designs that include— retro,basic,designer and other colourful designs.


The many brands in table lamps are namely Philips, Nutcase, Height of Designs, Classique, Beverly Studio and Yashasvi.

Table Lamps For Everyday Use


Philips is one of the brands that sell high quality lamps. These lamps come, with a led bulb and ac adapter. They are suitable for reading. There are a lot of Philips table lamps that come with decorative cartoon characters on it, which are attractive to children.

You can also buy table lamps from Nutcase that come in a large number of models. They are everyday table lamps that are crafted mostly with a round base, a medium sized steel body connecting the base to the top part and a cylindrical round lamp which comes in various designs, prints and colours. A few of their other models are shorter than the former variety, that also have a cylindrical but rectangular shade in different prints, colours, designs and a flat, square base. The models from Nutcase are named 10am, 24x4, 3D Lakshmi optical illusion and 3D Ganesha optical illusion.

Table Lamps For Ambience

The table lamps that are manufactured by Heights of Lamps are mostly suitable for ambience purposes. Majority of these lamps are cylindrical in shape with no base. The Buddha design is quite predominant. AC adapter is the main source of power for these lamps. 


You can also buy table lamps from Classique that have many designs with them.They mostly have a wooden body, that leads to the round base, and has an attached fabric lamp shade.


The Beverly Hills range of lamps come in many models ,that are mostly based on the same design as Classique, with a fabric lamp shade, a wooden body and a round base. The power source for this lamp is electric.


Table Lamps For Decoration


Table lamps from the Yashasvi brand, are used for decorative purposes. They also have a fabric lamp shade, a wooden body and a round base. The different sources of power in these table lamps are ac adapter, electric, non-rechargeable battery, rechargeable battery, solar and USB. There are a lot of other models from other brands that are suitable for decorative purposes.
You can get all table lamps online. 

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