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You never know when the power may go out. And, these sudden occurrences will leave you in the dark which may lead to accidents. With good-quality torch lights, you can make your way in the dark and find out why the power backup facility didn’t activate. You can even use them to find candles and lamps so that your home can be a little bright until the power comes back. You can buy torches for treks and hikes as well. This way, you can be adventurous without being reckless. You can keep a close eye on the trail ahead of you even when daylight starts to fade. This way, you can beware of slippery slopes, leeches, wet surfaces, wildlife, and so on. Thanks to online shopping, you can buy LED torches at the click of a button. This will bring you brands such as Sun King, Eveready, Syska, Flipkart SmartBuy, and Zilant. You can even buy scented candles, candleholders, and more online. With these products, your home will not only be bright but also beautiful when the power goes out. Once you place your order, it will be delivered to your home, without a hassle, in a few days. The information is updated on 17-Jun-24.


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Utility Lighting

Torch Light - Shine Your Way

Someone has rightly said that there is always a light at the end of the tunnel. Well, that might as well be one of your friends shining a torch light in the ever increasing power outage scenarios in our country. Jokes apart, a flashlight has become an integral tool of a household. Be it a camping trip or a journey down to the dusty basement of your house, a good torch would help you find your way with ease in the dark. In fact, you can get your favourite flashlight from popular brands such as Bright, Eveready, Syska, and more.

When was it Invented?

If not for this handy flashlight, we all would be walking holding a flame beacon! However, thanks to the British inventor David Misell, the first model was developed in 1899. This model used a dry cell battery that was first developed by the National Carbon Company in 1896. The dry cell made it possible to have a portable light source and from then on there has been no looking back.

Having said that let us take a look at what you should consider while shopping for a good torch light.

Light Output

A light output of a flashlight would solely depend on your preference. If you are someone who regularly goes camping or on outdoor activities that require you to stay overnight in places that do not have electricity, a torch with a strong light output is a must. However, for daily use, like looking under the table for a coin that you dropped, a simple flashlight with an average light output should do the job.

Beam Distance and Run Time

The beam distance and run time of a flashlight defines how good or average the flashlight is. A strong flashlight would give you a great throw of light with a long beam of light. The run time of a flashlight is the number of hours that it can stay active on its batteries. If you have a rechargeable torch, the run time would depend on how many hours you can run the flashlight on a single full charge.

Size and Weight

If you are someone who would like a flashlight that is highly portable and easy to carry, you should try out pocket flashlights. However, if you want a flashlight that is useful for dark conditions, your flashlight should be big enough to throw a reasonable amount of light beam to light up your path. In fact, the size and weight of your flashlight would purely be personal preference and need.


Once again an important factor to consider by folks who would be using a flashlight in outdoor conditions. Water-resistant flashlights would ensure that the battery as well as the electronics within the flashlight is safe from water splashes or mild drizzles.

Choosing the right type of a flashlight is no longer a difficult task. You can get your flashlight from Flipkart at an attractive price. Choose from a wide range of torch lights like led torches, solar flashlights, and more. You can also have it delivered to your doorstep.

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Question and Answers

  1. Q.How does the torch light work?
    A.When electricity or electric current from the batteries flows through the bulb filament or LED, it gets heated up and produces light.
  2. Q.Are there any options to buy a compact flashlight that can be carried in a pocket or a small bag?
    A.Yes, you can buy pocket flashlights that are just the size of your cell phone or even smaller. You can conveniently carry these small torches in your pocket or handbag while you travel.
  3. Q.Are there torches with rechargeable batteries?
    A.Yes, some torches come with rechargeable lithium-ion batteries. You can easily charge these torches with a USB cable.
  4. Q.What is the charging time of a rechargeable flashlight?
    A.The charging time of the flashlight depends on the type and power of the battery installed in it.
  5. Q.Are flashlights available online that can be recharged with solar power?
    A.Yes, some torches come with a solar panel. You can connect the charger of the torch light with the charging port of the solar panel and place it in the sunlight to charge the torch.
  6. Q.Is the light of the torch adjustable?
    A.Yes, you can easily adjust the intensity of light with a simple switch given on the torches. You can find flashlights with high, medium, low and double light modes.
  7. Q.Are there flashlights suitable for hiking and trekking purposes?
    A.Yes, many brands offer flashlights suitable for hiking, trekking and other adventure activities.
  8. Q.What features are available in the flashlights?
    A.Flashlights are those torches that come with multiple features, including durability and waterproof material, long-lasting battery life, short charging time, multiple light modes, flexible charging options, chargeable solar batteries, and more.
  9. Q.Can one do reading and writing work with a torch light?
    A.Yes, there are torches that offer dual functionality of flashlight and lamp. On one side, there is a flashlight, and on the other side, there is a second light that you can use as a lamp light so that you can continue your work even during the power cut.
  10. Q.Name some brands of flashlights.
    A.Grabit, Rocklight, Make Ur Wish, Pick Ur Needs, and MZ are some flashlight brands.
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