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    Buy Kitchen Cookware Online 

    A house isn’t complete without a well-fitted kitchen. Kitchens are the most integral part of your home. 

    Used every day, kitchens need frequent upgrades. Make your daily cooking routine an enjoyable experience by upgrading and adding useful cookware. Whether you are a novice or a seasoned chef, having the ideal cookware is extremely important. 

    Different Types Of Cookware

    The most common and essential types of cookware are listed below.

    Pots And Pans

    Pots and pans are one of the most important cookware. It is used for holding, boiling, cooking and storing food. Some pots and pans are used to heat or bake food in a convection oven or a microwave oven. Induction pots and pan are the type of utensils that are compatible with induction stoves. 

    Induction Cookware

    Unlike thermal conduction from a flame, induction cookware function using magnetic induction. Induction cooking is easy and efficient, and the heat isn’t wasted, unlike on conventional stoves. Induction cookware also have better safety advantages as opposed to the conventional method of cooking. They are also much easier to clean since the cooktop does not get too heated up. You just need to wipe the surface with a damp cloth. Hawkins cookware has a wide range of induction cookware to choose from like pans and tawas. 


    A deep large dish, casseroles are used to serve and store food and is also used as an equipment in ovens. Casseroles are usually thick, and the material that is used to make casseroles, help in keeping the food warm. Milton casseroles are quite popular. 


    Steamers, also called a steam cooker or food steamer, are cookware that are used to cook food with steam. The steamer limits escape of air, and this aids in the food getting cooked in the superheated steam. Steamers are useful in making food like steamed vegetables, fish, idly and other steamed foods. Go for Pigeon Steamers if you like you idli to be soft.


    You need lids to cover food while it is getting cooked, and after making it, when it has to be stored. Covering a container with a lid ensures that the food doesn’t get cold. It also saves the food from flies and dust. Some containers come with lids, while others don’t. 

    Cookware Sets

    Cookware sets include a variety of cooking appliances and equipments like woks, skillets, frying pans, grills, BBQs, ladles and spoons. It is convenient to buy a cookware set as it consists of the common equipments. Stainless steel cookware is a good choice if you plan to buy cookware sets. Prestige cookware sets make great gifts for weddings and housewarmings too. 

    Things To Keep In Mind While Using Cookware

    Here are a few things that might help your cookware last longer.

    Make sure you clean your cookware after every use. Never leave food and residue behind. 

    Cool your cookware before washing it. Don’t wash pans and pots while it is still hot.

    Never overheat your cookware and utensils. This spoils the utensils as well as the food. 

    If you are using non-stick pans and pots then make sure you use only wooden ladles and spoons. Using steel ladles and spoons will leave scratches on your pots and pans. 

    Instead of harsh scourers, use a soft sponge. This prevents scratches on your cookware. 

    You can buy cookware online from some of the best brands. 

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