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We cannot negate the importance of lights and lamps in our homes. They’re our early morning guide as we stumble around the house before sunrise. They keep us company during late-night cram sessions. They are our trusty sidekicks at midnight as we finish off that book we couldn’t put down. Lights and lamps are a quick and easy way to brighten a room and add an element of style. But before we start singing odes to these home essentials, let’s take a look at the kinds of bulbs they use. Because without bulbs what good is a lamp, right? So let’s get started.

Bulbs for Lamps and Lights:

You can find a wide range of bulbs online. Brands such as Syska, Philips, Eveready, Kalash, Imperial and Wipro offer great deals and offers on lights and lamps. But before you buy just any kind of light bulb, here’s a list of the types you can find online:

LED Bulbs: 

Nowadays many lamps use LEDs. They utilize an electrical current which is passed through a semiconductor to illuminate the tiny diodes called LEDs. The heat produced in the process is absorbed into a heat sink, and this keeps the bulb cool even after hours of use. Apart from being energy-efficient, LED bulbs are also long-lasting.

CFL Bulbs: 

Compact Fluorescent lights, also known as CFLs, are one of the most energy-efficient light bulb options. In CFL light bulbs, an electric current flows between electrodes at each end of a tube containing gases. This produces a reaction creating ultraviolet (UV) light and heat. When it comes into contact with the phosphor coating on the inside of the bulb the UV light transforms into visible light, illuminating your living space.

Incandescent Bulbs: 

These light bulbs feature a tungsten filament trapped within a glass enclosure. When electricity passes through the filament, it heats it up to a point where it glows, creating visible light. These type of bulbs usually consume a lot of energy. 

Halogen Bulbs: 

These fall under the category of incandescent bulbs. They produce light instantly, and can be used almost anywhere. Even though they also use a filament that’s heated to the point of glowing like incandescent bulbs, halogen bulbs consume about 25 to 30-percent less energy than standard incandescent bulbs.

Fluorescent Bulbs: 

These kinds of light bulbs or tubes are filled with mercury vapor that emits UV light when electricity passes through it. The coating inside the bulb turns the UV rays into visible light. 

HID Bulbs: 

These kind of bulbs are usually used in large spaces like commercial buildings or in streetlights. HID lights are primarily filled with sodium or mercury vapor that conducts electricity. Since they don’t have filaments, they last longer than incandescents or halogens. 

What to Look for While Buying Light Bulbs:

When it comes to buying bulbs for lights and lamps, you also need to look at the lumens a bulb boasts of. Lumens, in a layman’s term, can be described as units of brightness, or the amount of light emitted from a light bulb. The more lumens a bulb has, the brighter it will be. Apart from that, you should also pay attention to the wattage, or the amount of energy a light bulb consumes. A bulb with lower wattage will consume less power and save you money in the long run. 

Benefits of Buying Lights and Lamps Online:

Apart from the great discounts on light bulbs, there are also other perks of buying bulbs online. For instance, you can pay for your products through easy and secure payment methods. Also, you can buy quality products without stepping out from the comfort of your house.

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