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    Whether you like to cook or not, eating homemade and nutritious food is essential to keep your body healthy. You would remember your mom filling up your plate with green vegetables, cereals, salads and many other nutritive foods. That’s because she knows that a meal like that will help you stay active and strong throughout the day. And her helping hands in the kitchen are none other than the cookware and kitchen tools which allow her to chop and dice and cook food for her family. Out of the lot, there’s one cooking vessel that’s a favourite of most homemakers and chefs. And that’s a pressure cooker. Visit any kitchen you may, you would find one sitting atop on the storage cabinet like a gem of all cookware. They have been helping cooks around the world to prepare healthy meals faster without compromising on the quality or nutrition value of the vegetables.

    Most people are seen buying pressure cookers & pans together so that they can boil the raw ingredients such as veggies and meat in one and add Indian-style tadka to it in the pan. So if you are planning to add more cookware to your variety of cooking vessels, then get a set online. If not, then go through the following. We are sure that it will change your mind.

    Benefits of Buying Pressure Cookers

    There are many reasons why cooks prefer having this cookware by their side. And the most important of them all is saving resources. The pressure cooking method utilizes less energy and water to cook your food. It also helps in retaining the essential vitamins and nutrients of the food. You can use it to boil or steam the vegetables, prepare soups and cook pulao within a few minutes. Some people even use this cookware to bake fruit cakes and prepare desserts like Gajar Halwa.

    Types of Pressure Cookers

    While searching for pressure cookers online , you will comes across a variety of models. They can be differentiated based on the materials used, their features and the lid design.

    Materials - The commonly used material are aluminium and stainless steel. Because aluminium is a great conductor of heat, they are more efficient in terms of cooking. Stainless steel on the other hand is highly durable. So look for a model that offers you both. These cookware are also made of iron, steel and copper.

    Features - If you have an induction cooktop in your kitchen and use it along with the gas stove to cook your meals then buy a cookware built with an induction bottom. Some models also feature a hard anodized body and a non-stick base that uses less oil and prevent the food from sticking to the bottom.

    Lid Design - Most of these cookware are designed with two types of lids. One is the outer lid design which allows you to seal the vessel from outside. And the other one is a inner lid design which you have to insert inside the mouth of the vessel and lock the handle to seal it.

    Where to Buy Pressure Cookers & Pans

    You can easily buy your set of pressure cookers online by using different filters such as materials, features, design and price. You can either select a model with a regular cylindrical shape or go for the curvy ones that are designed like a pot or a handi. The popular brands offering you this cookware are Hawkins , Prestige , Pigeon, Home King and Sigma. So order your set of pressure cooker & pan today and add more healthy and nutritious dishes to the table.

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