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    Most homes today, are equipped with many electrical appliances that make our daily chores easier. And amidst these, a popular kitchen appliance is the induction cooktop . But, despite having several benefits, it is useless if there is a power outage at your place. Therefore having gas stoves and hobs at home, is a necessity especially if you live in an area where there are regular power failures. And when it comes to equipping your kitchen, another must-have appliance is a chimney. Kitchen chimneys are a great way to remove smoke from the kitchen while cooking. So choose a gas stove, and kitchen chimney online that would suit your cooking habits, and make your kitchen a favourable place.

    Choosing Gas Stoves and Hobs

    The humble gas stove has been improved in terms of efficiency and style to suit the modern kitchen. They are designed to be economical, safer and easier, so that every individual finds it easy to use, right from an amateur cook to a professional chef. And if you have been thinking of replacing your traditional stove, or buying one for the first time, here are a few pointers you should consider:
    Design - While traditional stoves and hobs have steel tops, the modern ones come with glass tops to make it easier to maintain, while also pepping up the kitchen decor. You can also experiment in terms of pattern by choosing a floral glass top, or a plain one depending on the décor of your kitchen.
    Number of burners and ignition – The number of burners depends on the number of dishes you cook every day. As for the ignition mechanism, you can either keep it old school with a piezo, or opt for an electronic one depending on what you are comfortable using.
    Size – Choosing a stove that is compact and sleek is always a good idea, as it will not take up too much space, leaving you with ample room to prepare the ingredients.

    Choosing a kitchen chimney

    Kitchen chimneys are a boon in Indian households, as the dishes are often characterised by numerous aromatic spices, and excess oil. If you have one properly placed over the cooking area, you are bound to have a smoke- and odour-free ambiance within minutes. This helps avoid the teary eyes and uncontrollable sneezing bouts that come with cooking tasty Indian cuisine. Just make sure you take into consideration the amount of food you will be cooking daily, oil consumption, kitchen style, and additional features before investing in one, and you will have a smoke-free kitchen at all times.

    Shopping for gas stoves and kitchen chimneys online has only become easier with popular brands like Prestige, Pigeon, and Glen selling their products on e-commerce sites. Transform your kitchen with these modern appliances and never think of cooking as a chore again.

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