The Hunger Games Trilogy Box Set

    The Hunger Games Trilogy Box Set (English, Paperback, Suzanne Collins)

    The Hunger Games Trilogy Box Set  (English, Paperback, Suzanne Collins)

    7 Ratings & 3 Reviews
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    • Language: English
    • Binding: Paperback
    • Publisher: Scholastic Children's Books
    • ISBN: 9781407130293, 1407130293
    • Edition: 2011
    • Pages: 1392

      A complete set of the bestselling series, Hunger Games, this set is a collection of all three books in the trilogy designed for those who just can’t wait between books.

      Summary Of The Book

      As a science fiction series, The Hunger Games trilogy is one of the most popular trilogies in the genre.The trilogy takes place where the whole of North America has turned into one massive nation called Panem. It is written from the point of view of the 16 year old Katniss Everdeen. Katniss is the major protagonist of the trilogy.

      In the book, the seat of power in Panem is the Capitol – a highly advanced, fabulously rich city which controls the 12 (formerly 13) districts of the nation. According to the book, the 13 districts had led a revolt against the Capitol which had been put down ruthlessly with the purported destruction of the 13th district. As a deterrent to any future revolts, the Capitol decided that a boy and a girl between the ages of 12 and 18 would be sent from each district annually for the so called ‘The Hunger Games’. This is essentially a kind of gladiatorial battle to the death where the winner was given food and supplies and allowed to live. The games were televised and served as a constant reminder that the Capitol would not tolerate insubordination and that it was utterly merciless to any who oppose it.

      The books in The Hunger Games Trilogy Box Set are The Hunger Games, Catching Fire, and Mockingjay

      The Hunger Games has received consistently positive reviews since the publication of the first book (called The Hunger Games) in 2008.

      Overall, the books have been some of the bestselling books in history, competing with the Harry Potter series in popularity.

      About Suzanne Collins

      Suzanne Collins is a well known American television writer and novelist.

      Among Collins’ most well known works are The Underland Chronicles and The Hunger Games trilogy. Apart from these books she has written numerous television scripts, particularly children’s serials including Oswald, The Mystery Files of Shelby Woo, Clarissa Explains It All and Little Bear.

      Collins is a double major graduate from Indiana University with a degree in both theatre arts and telecommunication.


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      Book Details
      • Publication Year
        • 2011
      • Author
        • Suzanne Collins
      Series & Set Details
      • Series Name
        • The Hunger Games
      • Width
        • 5.47 inch
      • Height
        • 3.58 inch
      • Weight
        • 1058 g
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      7 Ratings &
      3 Reviews
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      A Great Read!

      The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins are one awesome series... The three books keep you riveted to your seat, providing a sense of actually witnessing all the action. For all Young Adventurers and Secret Explorers, here is a chance to step into the clothes of Katniss Everdeen, a young teenager from Panem, the future of North America.

      It is packed with twists and turns and edge-of-the-seat excitement. Suzanne Collins really gets the exact action of an adolescent mind, when Katniss finds hers...

      Maulashree Shanbhag

      Certified Buyer

      28 May, 2012

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      Twists and turns to keep your hearts rolling !

      Awesome new series! I heard about the series recently and read the first part.Loved it a lot! The characters are beautifully described and the twists and turns are perfect to keep a reader interested.The first part ends with a promise for a sequel.You can't stop yourself from reading the second part.And then the second part is even better,suddenly takes your breath away in the middle of the book.You start feeling for the characters,which shows its a good book.Even the second part ends well le...

      Swaroop Sabnis

      Certified Buyer

      19 Aug, 2012

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      Once you start reading the first book the next thing you realize is that you have read all three.

      The three books are closely related.
      The first book is the best of the three.
      The second is captivating. The third is somewhat of a drag.
      But, once you start reading you can't stop yourself from finishing the trilogy.
      I read the book after watching the first movie and all I can say is that I was not disappointed.

      Sudarshan Pathi

      Certified Buyer

      12 Oct, 2012

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