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Do you love to go trekking or hiking with your friends? Then check out these hydration packs online available for everyone who loves outdoor adventures. These bags can keep you hydrated and energised while cycling, biking, trekking, running, hiking, etc. They are a great solution to drinking water without needing to stop yourself while on the go. You can buy hydration packs online and use them to keep yourself prepared while on your feet. Thanks to the attached tube on the bag, they are easy to carry and safe to drink from. It is an efficient solution to keep your body hydrated and not fall sick while on your feet. These portable flasks can carry an optimum amount of water and come with a soft-bite tube. All you have to do is bite it and suck out some water whenever you are thirsty. There is no need to slow down or stop on your tracks while participating in triathlons or competitions. The high-flow valves allow you to take a swig whenever you need and securely strap the tube back on the pack while running without spilling over yourself. So if you wish to buy these hydration packs online, check out popular brands like Raida, GOCART, CAMELBAK, Maxxlite, and OLIVE PLANET. 

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Hydration Pack

If you are one of those active junkies who is always on the move and looking for more adventures, a hydration pack would help you keep fresh as you work on pumping up your adrenaline. Especially useful while hiking or cycling, hydration bags are basically a bag of water which have a hydration system that is built into the bag. How does that help you? Well, the system comes with a long straw-like drinking tube which allows you to have your sip of life without having to stop and dog out a bottle of water from your backpack each time you are thirsty.

Designed to transport, carry and drink water in a more convenient and efficient manner, hydration bags or water bladders as they are also called come in two types - hydration backpacks and hydration waistpacks. Depending on the type of outdoor activities that you indulge in, which can include activities such as hiking, running, mountain biking, cycling, skiing and snowboarding, the type of hydration bag in use would differ.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Hydration Pack:

Q.1 What is a Hydration Pack?

Ans: A hydration pack is a water-carrying bag that is increasingly popular among hikers, trekkers, mountaineers and other outdoor enthusiasts. This pack helps you drink water directly from a tube from the water pack without having to stop and take out a bottle. A fantastic replacement of water bottles, hydration bags come with a larger capacity and are more easily balanced when you trek uphill. Unlike a water bottle, a hydration pack gives you easy and hands-free access to water.

Q.2 How Much Water can a Hydration Bag Hold?

Ans: Most of the hydration bladders come with a capacity of two- or three-litre capacity. However, if you are looking for a smaller pack, you can also opt for smaller sizes that can accommodate over a litre of water.

Q.3 How Does a Hydration Pack Work?

Ans: Keeping yourself hydrated while doing exercises or engaging in outdoor activities is very important. Hydration bags come with a plastic or a rubber bladder that can be filled with water or any other energy drink you would like to have. The bladder comes with a small cap for easy filling and a tube that helps you drink when in need. This tube or hose extends beyond your shoulders so that you can easily reach it with your mouth for a hands-free drinking experience.

Now that we have looked at some of the pertinent questions that come to your mind while looking for a hydration bag, let us take a look at some of its advantages:


With an easy access to drinking water, a hydration bag allows you to drink on the go without you having to reach out for your water bottle. It also avoids unwanted favours such as asking your friend to help you get your water bottle out.


Drinking water from your own, dedicated water bag is more hygienic than sipping from a shared water bottle. Also gulping down water from a bottle during a trek can cause gag reflexes. However, sipping water at regular intervals helps you not only prevent a gag reflex but also keeps you hydrated.

Stable Weight Distribution

Trekking is a strenuous activity and needs precision and balance as you try climbing to the top. Carrying water bottles on either side of your backpack would only tend to disbalance you as one bottle gets over. It is also not advisable, medically, to carry heavier weight on the sides. The very reason why hydration bags come handy with the water’s weight distributed uniformly across your back, making you feel less tired.

Although water bottles will never fade away, hydration bags are extremely handy and make carrying water less awkward and help keep you hydrated in a hassle-free manner.

आईरिस, उड़ी और फ्यूचर कार्ट जैसे भरोसेमंद नामो से हाइड्रेशन पैक की शॉपिंग करें हमारे ऑनलाइन स्टोर से। जल्द से हल्द डिलीवरी! 

भीड़ और शहर के शोर को भूल जाइये, अब अपने घर से खरीदारी कीजिये। सबसे कम कीमतों पर फ्लिपकार्ट पर हाइड्रेशन पैक की खरीदारी कीजिये। हाइड्रेशन पैक पर त्यौहार के मौके पे बड़ी छूट पाइये, जल्द आ रहा है।

फ्लिप्कार्ट में देश के सबसे बड़े और लोकप्रिय नामो से शॉपिंग करें, अपने घर से। ऑनलाइन शॉपिंग का मज़ा आप किसी भी समय उठा सकते है। तोह किसका इंतेज़्ज़र है ? जल्द से जल्द अपनी विशलिस्ट बनाना शुरू करें!

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