India's Struggle For Independence

    India's Struggle For Independence (English, Paperback, Bipan Chandra,Mridula Mukherjee,Aditya Mukherjee,Sucheta Mahajan)

    India's Struggle For Independence  (English, Paperback, Bipan Chandra,Mridula Mukherjee,Aditya Mukherjee,Sucheta Mahajan)

    4,242 Ratings & 383 Reviews
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    • Language: English
    • Binding: Paperback
    • Publisher: Penguin Publishing Group
    • ISBN: 9780140107814, 0140107819
    • Edition: 1stEdition, 2000
    • Pages: 600
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    India's Struggle For Independence presents a detailed outlook on the struggle for Indian Independence in a new analytical framework.

    Summary Of The Book

    Designed for ardent history enthusiasts, India's Struggle For Independence is one of the most exhaustive and precise account of the struggle of Indian Independence ever written in the literary world. Written and edited by five expert authors, it presents a detailed outlook on one of the most important periods in Indian history.

    The facts and details provided in this book have been gathered from oral and written sources, and various other primary sources have been used along with years of intense research. Written with a very concise approach, it is a one of a kind book that details the intricacies of the Indian Independence struggle.

    The struggle for Indian Independence took a long time and was something that affected the whole country. Every state in the country boasted of some kind of revolt – minor or major during this period. Numerous revolutionaries throughout the country came together in their efforts to fight against the British rule and set their country free. Few of the chapters in the book are The Fight to Secure Press Freedom, Foundation of the Congress: The Myth, World War I and Indian Nationalism: The Ghadar, An Economic Critique of Colonialism, Peasant Movements and Uprisings after 1857, The Non-Cooperation Movement—1920-1922, The Gathering Storm-1927-1929, Civil Rebellions and Tribal Uprisings, and many more.

    India's Struggle For Independence takes the reader on a journey across India as she was craving for her Independence. This book starts at the very first revolt of 1857 under the guidance of Mangal Pandey, from Rani Lakshmi Bai’s innate passion to free her country, Subhash Chandra Bose’s unmatched charisma and aggressive tactics, to Mahatma Gandhi’s famous civil disobedience and non-cooperation movement, to the final victory in 1947 when the British Raj finally came to an end.

    The book reflects a coherent narrative as it incorporates the existing historiographical advances and yet provides an utterly new and clear view of this period in Indian history.

    About The Authors

    Bipan Chandra is an Indian author, and historian, who is an expert in political history and economics. He has authored numerous other books including Communalism: A Primer, The Epic Struggle, Freedom Struggle and many more. He has taught at the University of Delhi and Jawaharlal Nehru University. He has been associated with the University Grants Commission of New Delhi and been the Chairperson of the Centre for Historical Studies, JNU.

    Dr. Mridula Mukherjee is an award-winning author who works with the Centre for Historical Studies at JNU. Her other books include Colonialising Agriculture, Selected Works of Jawaharlal Nehru, etc. She was the Director of Nehru Memorial Museum and Library.

    Aditya Mukherjee’s other books include Imperialism, Nationalism And The Making Of The Indian Capitalist Class, and Selected Works of Jawaharlal Nehru, etc.

    Sucheta Mahajan’s other book are Independence and Partition and RSS, School Texts And The Murder Of Mahatma Gandhi.

    K N Panikkar is a famous Indian historian and author. His other famous books are Colonialism, Culture and Resistance, Globalization and Higher Education in India, Emerging Trends in Higher Education, etc. His name is largely associated with the "Marxist school". He has taught at both University of Delhi and Jawaharlal Nehru University.

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    Book Details
    • Imprint
      • Penguin Global
    • Publication Year
      • 2000
    • Table of Contents
      • Acknowledgements
        A Note on Style

        1. The First Major Challenge: The Revolt of 1857
        2. Civil Rebellions and Tribal Uprisings
        3. Peasant Movements and Uprisings after 1857
        4. Foundation of the Congress: The Myth
        5. Foundation of the Indian National Congress: The Reality
        6. Socio-Religious Reforms and the National Awakening
        7. An Economic Critique of Colonialism
        8. The Fight to Secure Press Freedom
        9. Propaganda in the Legislatures
        10. The Swadeshi Movement-1903-1908
        11. The Split in the Congress and the Rise of Revolutionary Terrorism
        12. World War I and Indian Nationalism: The Ghadar
        13. The Home Rule Movement and Its Fallout
        14. Gandhiji's Early Career and Activism
        15. The Non-Cooperation Movement—I920-1922
        16. Peasant Movements and Nationalism in the 1920s
        17. The Indian Working Class and the National Movement
        18. The Struggles for Gurdwara Reform and Temple Entry
        12. The Years of Stagnation—Svvarajists,No-Changers and Gandhiji
        13. Bhagat Singh, Surya Sen and the Revolutionary Terrorists
        14. The Gathering Storm-1927-1929

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    • Series Name
      • India S.
    • Width
      • 1.26 Inches (US)
    • Height
      • 8.48 Inches (US)
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      • 1.24 Pounds (US)
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    4,242 Ratings &
    383 Reviews
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    Revolutionary Terrorism! Indeed!!

    an extract from the book goes "the end of 1907 brought another political trend to the fore. the impatient young men of bengal took to the path of individual heroism and revolutionary terrorism( a term we use without any pejorative meaning and for want for another term).

    I for one am at a loss as to how a renowned group of 5 historians are not able to find a proper term for our freedom fighters.
    well let me suggest some - "radical extremists", "ultra extremists" and i am sure that if these wo...

    Asim Dagar

    Certified Buyer

    13 Mar, 2012

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    Must read but with caution!

    read it cover to cover.
    In the midway I realized that it is truly a pro-congress or pro-nationalist book. But, then also I proceeded. There are times, when it tries to justify the stand of Congress on critical matters. A reader must read it with this 'bias' in mind of authors because as already been said by others that most of the authors are from JNU and in some way or other are associated with different government institutions.
    However, it is a good read in terms of it's style of presenting...

    Gyan Vikas

    Certified Buyer

    15 Feb, 2012

    Report Abuse

    A sad moment for all Indians

    It is really sad and annoying how great freedom fighters Bharat Singh , surya sen are tagged as 'revolutionary terrorists' ...totally pro wonder crimes and scares are an integral part of the country because people who show courage and stand up against the exploitation and repression are termed as 'terrorists' SHAME !

    Vidushi bhardwaj

    Certified Buyer

    15 Nov, 2013

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    A fantastic book!!!

    A fantastic book which takes you to the journey of the past. The minute detail of the past has been taken into consideration. highly recommended for UPSC exams. you wont feel as though you are reading for exam sake as it makes you so curious to know more and more. this book makes you so knowledgeable of the past you'll realise when You study it thoroughly and look into the previous question papers of IAS and say "I can answer this". A great book and A great experience!!!

    kavya adiga

    Certified Buyer

    15 Mar, 2012

    Report Abuse

    False propaganda: A blatant attempt at glorifying Congress

    While the language and style of writing of this Book by the authors is welcome. The content is totally biased and pro-congress, its doing false propaganda and feels like a blatant attempt at glorifying Congress. It seems like authors predecided on the tone and content or someone has actually asked the authors to write it in a particular way. Though the dates are right, The way INC has been glorified and those who were opposed to its ideals and ideas are deplored is unworty of being a true Ind...

    Bhagat Singh Fan

    Certified Buyer

    24 Dec, 2013

    Report Abuse

    Good Work But....

    It's a well written work if one dont bother about the following:

    1. Deterministic(Marxian) view of History.
    2. Authors not just portrays Nehru as a great leader but as a man who is all plus not even a hint of minus as if he's incapable of committing mistakes.

    and few more things like these.

    My preference is, From Plassey To Partition: A History Of Modern India by SEKHAR BANDYOPA

    Bharath Dwarakanath

    Certified Buyer

    14 Mar, 2013

    Report Abuse

    language used for bhagat singh etc is extremely hurting!

    this book uses the word-REVOLUTIONARY TERRORIST for bhagat singh, chand. azad, sukhdev and other heroes of HINDUSTAN SOCIALIST REPUBLICAN ASSOCIATION (HSRA) and call REVOLUTIONARY TERRORISM to their exceptional work...writers forgot that this is actually a REVOLUTIONARY NATIONALISM OR SAY HEROISM.....these writers have no respect for their outstanding incredible work for country's freedom then i decided to throw their book in dustbin....THANKS.. JAI HIND.


    Certified Buyer

    26 Dec, 2013

    Report Abuse

    A must read book

    After reading the book one could understand the present Indian society and its origin.Must say that a good amount of research has been done by the authors before writing the book.The authors give their opinion and also provide enough space for readers to draw their conclusion.

    Divya Prakash

    Certified Buyer

    27 Apr, 2012

    Report Abuse

    Biased in favour of Nehru.............

    I purchased the book as part of my civil services preparation. The book is good in factual part but certainly Bipan Chandra and company being part of JNU very cleverly put story to glorify Nehru and Congress...
    So I would just say that please read this book just for getting to know how things turned in National Movement but please don't form your opinion based on this book.....................

    Mahendra Pratap Singh

    Certified Buyer

    2 Feb, 2014

    Report Abuse

    Simply Astonishing !!!

    One of the best history books I have ever come across . Generally the subject specific books get boring or overloaded with facts but this one keeps you engrossed like a novel . A must for anyone who wants to acquint himself with Indian freedom struggle.
    The best part is that it has 10-15 pages short chapters and each deals with a specific issue only thereby maintaining interest and and providing proper pauses to think over .

    Vinay Kumar Pandey

    Certified Buyer

    21 Mar, 2013

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