Jai Shri Krishna Set 1 Complete

    Jai Shri Krishna Set 1 Complete  (VCD Hindi)

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      SHRI KRISHNA, the eighth incarnation of Lord Vishnu, the Lord of Gopis, the charioteer of Arjuna, the destroyer of sins, the teacher of mankind, Lord of Lakshmi, beloved of Radha, Rukmini and Satyabharma, an embodiment of Bliss, is the Universe itself. He is the most commonly worshipped deities in the Hindu faith because of his great Godly power.

      Oppressed by the burden of several Asuras in the form of haughty kings like Kans, Lord Vishnu incarnated in the house of Vasudev as Krishna with lotus eyes, four hands, armed with conch, disc, mace and lotus to establish Dharma. Adishesha was born as his elder brother, Balram to do service to him. The sages took the form of cows.

      Lord Krishna performed many divine leelas as a child. He defeated Aghasura, Bakasura, saved his friends from the effect of poison of hte Yamuna, bore the Govardhana hill on th etip of his little finger, Killed Putna and freed her from all her sins, killed demons like Kagasur and Trinavarta. Small Krishna was not only known for his bravery but his mischief of stealing the Makhan and troubling the gopis, his divine powers were also not behind as once when mother yashoda was playing with him he yawned to show her the whole universe in his mouth.

      AI SHRI KRISHNA tells this interesting and enduring story of the most glamorous and talked-of character Lord Krishna in Indian mythology with the tales of his amorous acts with gopikas and Radha, to his story of valor and wisdom in the battles with Kans etc, and his great preaching's to Arjun in Bhagvad-Gita during the famous battle of Mahabharata.

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      • Publisher
        • Sony DADC Manufacturing India
      • Title
        • Jai Shri Krishna Set 1
      • Season
        • Complete
      • Format
        • VCD
      • Language
        • Hindi
      • Rating
        • UA
      Disc Features
      • Total Number of Discs
        • 40
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