Java/J2EE Job Interview Companion

Java/J2EE Job Interview Companion (English, Paperback, Kumaraswamipillai Arulkumaran)


Java/J2EE Job Interview Companion  (English, Paperback, Kumaraswamipillai Arulkumaran)

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  • Language: English
  • Binding: Paperback
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  • Genre: Computers
  • ISBN: 9781411668249, 1411668243
  • Pages: 358

A Java/J2EE interview and a quick reference guide for: * Job seekers (Junior/Senior developers, Architects, Team/Technical leads) * Promotion seekers * Pro-active learners * Interviewers Lulu top 100 best seller. Increase your earning potential by learning, applying and succeeding. Learn the fundamentals relating to Java/J2EE in an easy to understand questions and answers approach.Covers 400+ interview questions and answers with diagrams, examples, code samples, cross referencing etc. A quick reference guide, a refresher and a roadmap covering a wide range of Java/J2EE related topics & interview tips.

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Book Details
Table of Contents
    • Outline
    • What this book will do for you? 
    • Motivation for this book 
    • Key Areas Index
    • Java - Interview questions & answers 
    • Java - Fundamentals 
    • Java -Swing
    • Java - Applet
    • Java - Performance and Memory issues
    • Java - Personal and Behavioral/Situational 
    • Java - Behaving right in an interview
    • Java - Key Points
    • Enterprise Java - Interview questions & answers
    • Enterprise - J2EE Overview
    • Enterprise - Servlet
    • Enterprise - JSP 
    • Enterprise - JDBC & JTA
    • Enterprise -JNDI & LDAP
    • Enterprise - RMI 
    • Enterprise - EJB 
    • Enterprise - JMS
    • Enterprise - XML
    • Enterprise - SQL, Database, and 0/R mapping
    • Enterprise - RUP & UML
    • Enterprise - Struts  Enterprise - Web and Application servers
    • Enterprise - Software development process
    • Enterprise - Key Points

    How would you go about...?

    Q 01: How would you go about documenting your Java/J2EE application?
    Q 02: How would you go about designing a Java/J2EE application?
    Q 03: How would you go about identifying performance and/or memory issues in your Java/J2EE application?
    Q 04: How would you go about minimizing memory leaks in your Java/J2EE application?
    Q 05: How would you go about improving performance in your Java/J2EE application?
    Q 06: How would you go about identifying any potential thread-safety issues in your Java/J2EE application?
    Q 07: How would you go about identifying any potential transactional issues in your Java/J2EE application?
    Q 08: How would you go about applying the Object Oriented (00) design concepts in your Java/Jztt application?
    Q 09: How would you go about applying the UML diagrams in your Java/J2EE project? FAQ
    Q 10: How would you go about describing the software development processes you are familiar with? FAQ
    Q 11: How would you go about applying the design patterns in your Java/J2EE application? 
    Q 12: How would you go about designing a Web application where the business tier is on a separate machine from the presentation tier. The  business tier should talk to 2 different databases and your design should point out the different design patterns? FAQ
    Q 13: How would you go about determining the enterprise security requirements for your Java/J2EE application?
    Q 14: How would you go about describing the open source projects like JUnit (unit testing), Ant (build tool), CVS (version control system) and log4J (logging tool) which are integral part of most Java/J2EE projects?
    Q 15: How would you go about describing Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) and Web services?

    Emerging Technologies/Frameworks

    Q 01: Emerging Technologies
    Q 02: What is Test Driven Development (TDD)?
    Q 03: What is the point of Test Driven Development (TDD)? What do you think of TDD?
    Q 04: What is aspect oriented programming (AOP)? Do you have any experience with AOP?
    Q 05: What are the differences between 00P and AOP?  What are the benefits of AOP?
    Q 06: What is attribute or annotation oriented programming? IVAT1)1
    Q 07: What are the pros and cons of annotations over XML based deployment descriptors? FAT:1)
    Q 08: What is X Doclet?
    Q 09: What is inversion of control (also known more specifically as dependency injection)? IFA
    Q 10: What are the different types of dependency injections? What are the benefits of loC (aka Dependency Injection)? FAQ
    Q 11: What is the difference between a service locater pattern and an inversion of control pattern? 
    Q 12: Why dependency injection is more elegant than a JNDI lookup to decouple client and the service?
    Q 13: Why dependency injection is more elegant than a JNDI lookup to decouple client pattern?
    Q 14: Explain Object-to-Relational (0/R) mapping? FAQ
    Q 15: Give an overview of the Spring framework? What are the benefits of Spring framework?
    Q 16: Explain some of the pitfalls of Haberman and explain how to avoid them? Give some tips on Hibernate best practices? FAQ
    Q 17: Given an overview of the spring framework? What are the benefits of spring framework? FAQ
    Q18: How would EJB 3.0 simplify your Java development compared to EJB 1.x, 2.x ?IFAQ
    Q19: Briefly explain key features of the Java Server Faces (JSF) framework?  
    Q 20: How would the JSF framework compare with the Struts framework? How would a Spring MVC framework compare with Struts framework?

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12 Reviews
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Costly at flipkart

Check this book in other sites and compare. this book is great for java interview. highly recommended.

Anubhaw Nand

11 Dec, 2013

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Not upto mark

Toooooooooooo much and in little explantion.
Just like Engineering semesters seriously.....
too much to learn in < 6 months...assgnmts,exps,gals,phones etc etc internals and exams.
too much in too short time = DISASTER.

Same goes with this book.
book contains almost "google" of information in parts and pieces and fails to cover up from
"Entry point A" to "Exit point B"

Jack of Everything


23 Sep, 2013

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Good product. You can go for it.

Good product. You can go for it.

Amit Patil

Certified Buyer, Pune

10 Dec, 2016

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Good One for Any Java Programmer

This is one of the book that I always read when I change my jobs. It gives me overall over night view of thousand of concepts about Java technology. And most of the interviewee will ask similar questions. These concepts are also very important in our daily life projects. This book will help you to think like (architect+programmer+manager) to deliver successfully a Java application. But I bought it for 274 and now it is 2000 which is very very costly.

Mithun Hore

19 Jan, 2015

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Awesome Book.. Everyone should have it.

As far as, I searched, this is best book which has comprehensive of all topics.

Topics are well explained. Easy to read and understand well.

One only thing I worried about is "Paper" quality. Very Very Very worst quality paper used.

This book has very good content but due to low paper quality we can't keep it for long time.

Peter Jerald

Certified Buyer, Chennai

10 Jul, 2014

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Must read !!!

I came across this book some 1 year back, but I can say only one thing about this book. If you already know JAVA, want to excel in this, read this book.

Pankaj Chopra

18 Dec, 2013

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Really worth for money

At this cost none of books are providing these much worth full answers.Most of the java technologies has been covered.Most of the questions are well explained both theoretically and diagrammatic explanations are very interesting and very useful.I will recommend every one who are in Java/J2EE field worth buying book.

Nantha Kumar

Certified Buyer

3 Sep, 2013

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A true interview companion

This book is a great help if someone wants to keep refreshing the core areas of java and for learners who can get insight of the basic foundations in java j2ee..a true companion for any kind of interviews

Shilpee Mohapatra

Certified Buyer

6 Jun, 2013

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An excellent effort

My friend was in trouble for not being able to crack interviews. I was helping him with discussions and random java topics available on internet. I was looking for a book so that I might be able to support him in a better way. I found this book on Flipkart and suggested him to buy. He liked it so much and went through the whole book. He brought the book to me to discuss some of the topics of the book. I was amazed at the effort that has been put in this book. ...And here is the good

Arvind Kumar Avinash

Certified Buyer

26 Feb, 2013

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Book worth for money and time

Found this book was more informative and has got exhautive knowledge set.
A worth to buy interview companion. Gives an overview in various Java/J2EE related technologies.
Only con is that its so crisp and user needs to have a prior knowledge and understanding.

Santhosh kumar A

Certified Buyer

3 Oct, 2012

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