The love affair with diamond jewellery

    Associated with romance, diamond jewellery can add a sparkle to any relationship, literally. Despite being so popular with both old and young, picking the right piece when the time comes can be more difficult than it looks. Confronted with so many styles, price options, cuts and clarity, no wonder you can feel overwhelmed while trying to find the perfect piece of diamond jewellery .

    Whether you take the engagement rings or bridal jewellery, over centuries, diamonds have enthralled people with their timeless elegance and durability. Made from this rare and highly valued gemstone, jewellery with diamonds not only represents a financial investment, but an emotional commitment too.

    Diamond jewellery – the past and present

    Indisputably the most treasured gemstones on earth, diamonds were once possessed by only the rich and the famous. The event that made the world appreciate diamonds more than ever was the wedding of Maxmilla of Austria to Mary of Burgundy in the 15th century, where the groom gifted his beautiful bride a beautiful diamond ring. He started a lovely trend that is being followed even today. Today, jewellery made of these brilliant gems has become more affordable. But when you go shopping for diamond jewellery you need to consider a few points.

    Basic considerations while buying diamonds online

    Buying diamond online need not be so overwhelming if you take care of these important points.

    The purpose - When you buy jewellery with diamonds, you need to consider the occasion. Diamond jewellery for weddings and engagements are usually more elaborate than the ones we use to wear daily. You also have to consider how a particular piece would be worn to ensure that it can be worn in the way in which it was intended.

    Quality - After you decide on why you want to buy diamond jewellery, the next step is to look for the quality of the diamonds in a given piece. The key to assessing a diamond’s value is by looking for the 4 Cs in a piece – color, carat, clarity and cut.

    Color – Diamonds of highest value are usually colorless. But in most cases diamonds have slight tones of yellow or brown. The colors are graded on a scale of D i.e. colorless to Z i.e. heavily tinted.

    Carat – The size of the diamond is somewhat proportional to its value and the jewellery it is used in. The bigger the diamond, the more premium it will be. In jewellery that has more than one diamond, the carats usually consider the combined total weight of all the stones in the piece.

    Clarity – Apart from the color and carat, the presence of imperfections in a diamond also plays an important role in assessing its value. As they occur naturally, it is very common for them to have slight imperfections. These blemishes are usually known as "inclusions" in diamondspeak. So the fewer inclusions a diamond earrings, diamond rings has the more valuable it will be. The clarity of a diamond is usually determined by the size, number, type and where the inclusions are.

    Cut – Diamonds are generally found in round, pear, heart, oval, princess, marquise and emerald shapes. But the cut of a diamond refers not only to the shape of the stone but also the number of facets it has and the symmetry, polish and proportioning of the cut. A diamond with poorly proportioned facets will not have the same brilliance as a beautifully cut one.

    Buying diamond jewellery online

    Online shopping sites bring a host of brands like CaratLane , TBZ the Original, Malabar Gold and Diamonds , PCJ and Kalyan Jewellers for you to browse from. They also offer lot of sizes and designs. Moreover, a certificate of purity is provided with each piece of jewellery for your peace of mind. But the cherry on the top, is the discounts these e-commerce sites offer on jewellery! So what are you waiting for? Add some new sparkling pieces to your collection today. 

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