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    Peora Silver Ring
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    Shop For Silver Jewellery Online

    Second only to silver and gold jewellery with its rustic allure, has won hearts both rich and poor. In the days of our ancestors, silver was mainly used for coinage and trading purposes all over the world. Apart from that, eating in silver utensils was regarded as a status symbol. Today, however, the use of silver has been limited mostly to the jewellery industry. 

    Since the time of our ancestors, Silver as a metal has been as much popular as gold and other precious metals. Looking back in history, countries all around the world including India have used the metal as a status symbol. India is known as a land of riches that includes a colourful and rich culture too. As there were no synthetic and artificial materials present in the past, all the Kings, the royal family members and the courtiers including the general public mostly used silver and gold metals for creating numerous products. But even then, silver was primarily used for ornamental purpose. Though many other precious metals have been discovered and introduced in the market since then, gold and silver jewellery together are still ruling the world of ornaments.

    Silver is one of the precious metals that has been and still is perfect for all generations. Which is why you must have seen grandparents and parents passing on their ancestral, antique silver jewelleries to their children and so on. Today, having a complete set of silver jewellery is considered more of a tasteful act. Just like various other areas, silver jewellery has also undergone huge transition in this 21st century. Where your parents and elders had sticked to the traditional designs and usage, the current generations are seen to be experimenting more with the usage and styles. You can see the online shopping websites such as Flipkart, filled with numerous trendy and contemporary silver jewellery designs to meet the demands of a much younger crowd.

    Latest collections in Silver jewellery

    Silver Rings - A band made out of silver with colourful, expensive stones is definitely a piece to own. Because of its metallic white colour, any stone from a light to a vibrant tone will suit the jewellery. 

    Silver Earrings - From hoops to dangle and tops, Flipkart has a wide collection of silver earrings . The many sought after designs include both classy and trendy ones, e.g. traditional floral engraved designs, chic, bohemian, antique stone studded and pearl drop styles. As more than one piercing has become a trend among the young mass, single stone and small sized tops are also much in demand. 

    Silver Pendants - Where gold might be too much for some occasions, silver pendants and necklaces work in any event. You can wear a simple silver pendant with your professional attire or wear a sizable contemporary styled one with sarees and dresses to parties too. 

    Other Silver Jewellery - Apart from these there are silver anklets, bangles , chains, bracelets , necklaces , nose rings and so on that people buy according to their preference.

    Silver jewellery - yesterday and today

    Trinkets made of silver, like gold ornaments, are usually passed down generations as family heirloom. During your quest for beautiful pieces made of silver, you must have come across various antique pieces. You must have noticed that their designs, and the way they were made was somewhat different from the ones you can buy today. The older pieces are usually chunky in design and heavier than what you get today, especially the neckpieces and bangles. Silver jewellery has undergone a considerable change over the times. Although the solid and chunky designs are still popular, owing to modern technology used in jewellery making, they have become less heavy. Apart from that, the younger generation today is seen to be experimenting with the designs and the way they use these pieces.

    Why should you buy silver jewellery?

    Women hardly need an excuse to add new ornaments to their collection. But if you are still looking for a reason, then it might help to know that silver is not only a beautiful metal but also quite economical. Silver, like gold is a very malleable metal and hence, can be used to create beautiful and dramatic pieces, but at a lower cost. It is also great for delicate filigree, like the ornaments you can find in Odisha.

    Various types of silver ornaments

    Due to its versatile nature, silver can be transformed into various kinds of ornaments. Jewellers use silver as a base for setting various precious and semi-precious stones such as amethyst, garnet and turquoise to create a beautiful study in color and contrast. Apart from that, silver is used to create various other kinds of jewellery. Here's a list of some of them.

    Silver Anklets - In India the use of silver in the making of beautiful anklets is quite common, thanks to its durability. From brides to little babies, silver anklets in various thicknesses and designs adorn their feet.

    Silver neck pieces - From delicate pendants to statement silver necklaces, silver neckpieces work well for any formal and casual occasions alike. Moreover, you can wear them with both ethnic and western wear.

    Silver bracelets and cufflinks - From chunky, bold chains to ones as intricate as lace, only a few things can be compared to the beauty of silver bracelets . You can also find silver cufflinks in various designs online. These not only look elegant but are also quite functional.

    Silver Rings - Those who prefer the soft luminous beauty of silver over the harsh yellowness of gold can go for silver rings for women and men. Silver wedding bands and cocktail rings are also very popular among young generation.

    Buying silver jewellery online

    With the advent of online sites, shopping for silver jewellery has become very easy if you follow some important tips. Always go for silver jewellery that is 92.5% pure or above. When you are buying silver ornaments such as rings and bangles, make sure you buy the right size. The best thing about shopping online is the discounts the e-commerce sites offer, as well as their doorstep delivery.

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